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When voodoo meets the Bible

We had just ended our lecture on Nationalism and Ethnicity; the lecturer did an amazing job especially when he brought up the topic of voodoo as it relates to Africa. 568 more words


Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty

So who’s singing the soft kitty song now? :) I just thought this photo has a very soft and warm look about it – this little cat is looking so happy and warm in the sun.


Big Bang Theory S8E6: "My Kit Kat Has Melted. All Is Lost"

By Josh Axelrod

“The Expedition Approximation” had two questions on its mind:

  1. Will the balance of power shift between Leonard and Penny now that Penny makes decent money?
  2. 708 more words
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God is Not Rational: A Response to Mick Mooney and a Lesson in Reading Citations

The below is a response to Mick Mooney’s Why I’d Still Believe in God Even if the Bible Was a Fairytale.

Mick Mooney “watched a lot of atheists on YouTube” and he somehow came away with the idea that atheists argue that god is irrational because organized religion is irrational. 816 more words


Great Monday evening

Today have been a strange day. Buy when I got home G where already home which not happens so often and we had just had a relaxing afternoon and evening. 71 more words

English Blogg

What makes for a really good study session...

Not studying.

Update on my progress…

Yes. I am youtube-ing the episode of Big Bang Theory from last weeks episode on punishment and reinforcement & I can relate.

Toodles, Me.

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Dog Particles (Gravitons, You heartless she-Dogs)


Ask anyone who understands a little bit of Particle Physics and Gravity, (s)he will reply, “Oh, Come on! We have only hypothesized Gravitons ( 618 more words

Quantum World