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How Strong Are You?

The US has been riding a wave of women’s rights recently, preaching and promoting the strength of women.  And I am absolutely all for that. 909 more words


SDCC '14: Will Jim Parsons Be Returning to The Big Bang Theory?

Jim Parsons discusses The Big Bang Theory and whether he will be returning to the No. 1 sitcom. The cast, still without contracts for Season 8, were not at attendance during the Big Bang panel at Comic Con. 7 more words


I "Knew" What Was Here Before I Read What Was Here

Recently, if you have been following along, at the insistence of my children I picked up the Dungeons and Dragons Starter Box.  I was not going to pick the set up before they expressed a desire to try role-playing yet again.  777 more words

Gaming Thought

Are you a fan of Big Bang Theory?

When you read this sentence, I know you are of course. LAUKEXIN recently design some Big Bang Theory T-shirts. They are new on the website. You will be interested to have a look. 17 more words

Why The Laugh Track Needs To Go

Sitcoms have been around for a very long time and they do not seem to be going away. However,they are certainly of varying quality. This isn’t to say crappy sitcoms can’t be mildly enjoyable; they’re just not that “good.” One of the weaknesses of sitcoms is the inclusion of (supposed) audience laughter. 549 more words


Why Geek Chic & New-found Nerd Acceptance Irks Me

Nerds have come a long way. They began as the basement dwelling dungeon masters of the 70’s, became the video game programmers of the 80’s and then hit mainstream awareness as the music pirates of the early 2000’s. 595 more words