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TOP & Lee Honey Kiss Scene in Tazza 2 [HD YouTube Video]

Here’s the scene that everyone’s been looking for in HD! Watch before its deleted!


electric bigglesworth. :-P

Tomorrow our stuff in Texas may be starting it’s trip here to California. :-) (although I’ll believe it when I see it). I mostly want my music books now that I have a new keyboard. 257 more words

Best Thing I've Ever Read

No, it’s not a book or magazine or pamphlet. It is a single quote from the Astronomer Royal of the United Kingdom, Sir Martin Rees. 67 more words

[Exclusive] G-Dragon to participate in YG girl group album... dependable support

Source: OBS via Naver

1. [+1,011, -200] What about a Big Bang album, how does he have time to be taking care of a girl group… Big Bang’s been on hiatus for over 900 days… 238 more words


Which Is It?

The early stages of tonight’s dinner???


A snapshot from the first few microinstants after the Big Bang???

La Vida

Shut Up

One of the great things about hiphop artists is that they can switch over to a rock feel and it will still sound so amazing! Big Bang’s Daesung is back with his Japanese song “Shut Up.” 15 more words

thank you - chapter 2

Jiyong tidak bisa berhenti tersenyum sejak meninggalkan toko bunga itu, ada perasaan tersendiri yang tidak dia mengerti. Ketika yeoja itu tersenyum, ada perasaan bahagia yang menjalarinya, dan ketika dia akan meninggalkan toko bunga ada perasaan tidak rela di hatinya. 834 more words