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First Second

Walking the fine line of progressive trance music and you will find Dutch producer Lex van der Horst alias Alejandro Andaluz right in the middle of all things. 103 more words


Aliens Created Life: Richard Dawkins....BLAH BLAH BLAH

Okay, anyone who has not seen the movie “expelled” should watch this snippet (and the movie of course), and watch Dawkins behave like a drowning man. 30 more words



Have you ever wondered about veins?

The shape of the vein seems to constantly appear in nature like a reminder that all living things are connected. 186 more words


200 (+/-) Word Review – God: The Failed Hypothesis

“Science isn’t everything; but it’s about everything,” wrote Victor Stenger in his 2007 book God: The Failed Hypothesis (266). Whereas many would try to put a divider up between science and the question of God’s existence, Stenger refused to do so and insisted that if God exists then there must be some empirical proof. 868 more words

Biological Evolution

We Are the Universe

When we look up at the night sky or try to count the number of galaxies we think might exist – a number with a trailing line of zeros – it can be hard to conceptualize just how big our universe really is. 523 more words


Encore!! 3D Tour [D-LITE DLive D'slove] Goods

*Prices includes shipping fee from Japan to Singapore.

*Items are while stock lasts.

*Full refund will be made for items OOS.

*Taking in orders till OOS. 62 more words

Big Bang

Why is there anything?

Why is there anything at all? This keeps me up at night. Or not why, perhaps, but how? How is there anything at all? How is it that there is not nothing? 434 more words

Big Bang