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How scientist discount God, but how science proves He is.

This is not going to be a thesis paper with supporting documentation. It is simply one man’s observation of the facts presented to the world. 150 more words


Não vos custa nada, vá.

De tudo o que gostava que me oferecessem neste “Especial 40 Anos”, estes são os presentes que vocês, pessoas amorosas que aqui se dão ao trabalho de vir, poderiam perfeitamente oferecer-me. 12 more words

Big Bang

Help! Questions needed for real scientists!

You already know I’m going to be asking about gravity, antimatter, the Big Bang and lunch. Send me some other questions I can ask the scientists at CERN.


Kpop Music Videos and its cinematography and fashion design

You don’t have to like it. Depending on different points of view, this type of genre of music might be chaotic, odd, normal, energetic, and more. 633 more words

Costume Design

I Shift Myself... And I Like It

Out of the darkness something is disturbed… And greatness emerges. This is the first shift in perception of the universe. From nothing to something, the universe emerges from a singularity in a spectacular inflationary Big Bang. 472 more words

Album Review: "Doom Dada" Japan Special Edition

I already own the Korean version and buying the Japanese version might seem kind of redundant but the Japanese version is different. The Korean version is a huge photo book and 2 songs and the Japanese version is a small photo book, 4 songs and a DVD.  160 more words


Album Review: T.O.Ps Commitment

I guess technically this isn’t an actual album since it’s a photo book but I still would share this awesome book with you. Since I am a HUGE T.O.P lover I think I now own all of his photo books. 178 more words