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Blessings of the Omniverse Part 4

“What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Nevermind.”

- Homer Simpson

The mind will take you through cycles of thought, only to come to the conclusion that what you believe is real, is in fact real. 875 more words

the emergence of dan-kind

Please click on the image and take a close look at this illustration developed by astrophysicists at NASA. I enter the space-time continuum in a big way around 13.5 billion years after the start of this universe.

Personal And None Of Your Business

“God is not a magician, with a magic wand”: Pope Francis schools creationists

The pontiff admits he believes in evolution and the Big Bang, says science and religion can peacefully coexist

Sarah Gray


In the fifties and sixties when I went to Catholic schools there was no conflict between scientific theories of evolution and the creation of the universe and Catholic dogma. 543 more words

Art And Humanities

Is Alien Life Out There?: Area 51, the Big Bang and the Catholic Church

Is alien life out there? This is the one million dollar question that humanity has been posing since the dawn of times. Every few years -sometimes every few months- there is “news” of sightings, pictures of odd flying objects, and theories of conspiracy, most of the times with the tag Area 51 somewhere in the mix. 1,118 more words


Evolution: A Summary of Pew Polls

Today, the Fact Tank—a new real-time platform from the Pew Research Center—published a concise summary of their past polls on the public’s acceptance of evolution. These Pew surveys, by the way, helped shape  505 more words


This Pope is sorta cool.

Now that we have all these memes in place let’s get to the matter. Yeah, he says some negative things about homosexuality, but you have to admit that it feels like we are making some progressive progress here. 357 more words

Latest Polls Show America Not Yet Ready For Democracy

THE CABIN ANTHRAX, MURPHY, N.C. (CT&P) – After analyzing the results of a new Pew Research Center poll conducted just last week, experts have concluded that the United States is not yet ready for a democratic form of government. 541 more words