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Royal mistresses, swans, and Big Ben

On 20 October 1714, George I was crowned king of England and on the same date in 1858 the great bell, nicknamed Big Ben, was winched into place (but it didn’t ring until the following year). 312 more words

Street Name

Day 61: London in a Day

After my grand total of four hours of sleep last night I got up to catch my flight to London with no idea about the full day of exploration that was ahead of me. 835 more words

Days Two-Four

Exploring London was amazing – besides the jet lag that was!!

It is such a busy and ‘happening’ city.. So much to do, so much to see, and of course the plenty of opportunities for your typical tourist photos.. 78 more words


getting reacquainted

There’s a switch that flips in my brain when I arrive in London. My vocabulary flips, my accent shifts – I trade Canadian English for British English without even thinking about it. 615 more words


Beat Bill Simmons/Barnwell

Well Simmons is back from suspension but too busy doing NBA previews to bother with his weekly football picks. Luckily you have me because Simmons stand-in Bill Barnwell has been poor so far. 1,045 more words


Let's talk about that time I lived in London.

Before hopping on the plane that took me approximately 7 hours and 3500 miles away from my homeland in good ole Pennsylvania, I adored city life.  585 more words



Ello there London!

Sunday, September 21st

I arrived in London at the ass-crack of dawn, 6:30am is when my bus pulled into Victoria train station, and was immediately lost. 1,587 more words