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Summer Cruisin': 6 Essentials for Plus Size Boardwalk Fashion

^C L I C K  T H R O U G H  L I N K ^

  1. S H O R T S: Yassssss! I love shorts.
  2. 324 more words

Pro Tip: Keeping Cool During Hot Summer Days

I currently live in South Florida where the daily ‘real feel’ temperature is Satan’s gym sneakers. Living on the cheap down here usually means having to go without one of many of technology’s great gifts to mankind, the modern air conditioner. 518 more words


10 Fat Perks: The Plus Side to Being Plus Size

Since I was about 10 years old I’ve been what others call “fat” and that’s ok.

Nine years later I’ve developed into a young woman who has learned to love herself and is still on the journey to personal body acceptance. 360 more words


"News You Can't Possibly Use" - Where I'm from it's called Big-Boned

Most of us live in image-conscious societies and currently, “thin is in”. Well actually, it’s been “in” for a consecutive number of years.


Down here, some men will tell you that they like a little meat on the bones, and my more generously endowed sisters will get their share of catcalls and whistles – which when I was younger I considered a compliment, but at this age, I consider an annoyance. 397 more words

Caribbean Life

Big-boned man falls into pool. Skip to 2:00


Criss Angel – Walking through solid objects.



So it’s been about a month since my last post, and well, the scale doesn’t lie. 

Or does it? 

In the last month I went traveling with my husband and friends to the East coast (so like, a lot of lobster was consumed) and I had a birthday. 324 more words