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35 No-Bra Wearing Celebrity GIFs for No Bra Day

October 13th is obviously No-Bra Day because that date can sometimes fall on Columbus Day, and everyone knows that Columbus Day can be very divisive–but everybody loves No-Bra Day. 147 more words

Mrs Benn - Warrior Woman Ch. 03

After a fitful night’s sleep, Tina woke in the strange bed, in the strange town, in the strange world. She had expected to wake up back in her own bed in her suburban house next to her husband, but whatever had happened when she had stepped through that door in the costume shop changing rooms, was still her reality. 3,299 more words

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Mrs Benn - Warrior Woman Ch. 02

After an hour or so of trekking through dark forest, with no discernable paths, they emerged into the sunlight. For all his peculiar behaviour, Tina was glad she had Pucker to guide her. 5,206 more words

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Mrs Benn - Warrior Woman Ch. 01

Mrs Tina Benn looked out of the window of her house at 52 Celebration Rd and sighed. Outside a young couple were kissing passionately. He looked as though he were trying to extract something from the back of her mouth with his tongue. 2,975 more words

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Janet's Perfect Pair

Being dumped by a girl you had been going with for six months hurt. Having her hook up with a good friend hurt even more, especially knowing that he was enjoying her fine attributes. 2,067 more words

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To Bask in Breastford Ch. 01


Coach Steven Blue shouted into his phone. How did we get to this? All he had done was ask his wife to mapquest Deeville for him. 3,575 more words

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