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First off,I’m not a Nicki fan.I personally think she is wack,her voice is annoying.In hip hop,what skills do she really has? She’s a rapper not a hip hop artist.I wish people,mainstream America and worldwide would really learn the difference.Guys like her because of her body(wow that’s a shock,guys like any female showing skin).Gals like her cause she’s like the only female rapper who is famous and is on the radio.Wait,let me get back on topic.The best part about this song is the Sir Mix-A-Lot sample.The video is lame,we see booty shaking,twerking in every other rap video,so what’s the big fuss.Even her fake body looks even weirder in the video.Can’t knock the hustle,great way to get a push for her album.Nobody will remember the song though.Is Drake still hot,or should I say still relevant for him to be in the video? 8 more words


Helloo motivated people!

It’s been awhile for me! I should get double muscles just for the amount of ambition it takes to overcome weekly obstacles. Is there a place that gives out trophies, like “I noticed you’ve acquired twice the motivation to work out that it takes… 318 more words

Motivation To Workout

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