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Big Chop Part II?

So, I’m a bit unsure of how much I really care but it looks like I’m back at bra strap length since my much needed trim back in March. 102 more words


A Journey into Self…

I remember the excitement I felt, at seven years old, when my mother decided to have my hair relaxed. This was thrilling for me, because I always wanted to be just like Ariel; a mermaid with long, thick, and flowing hair! 898 more words

Big Chop

The Cut

So I had been debating on cutting my hair for months and I finally did it. This is my first “big chop”. I didn’t BC the first time I started to go natural and believe me this is so new to me. 72 more words


My New Hair Journey... Transitioning to Natural - THE BIG CHOP!!!

Hello there lady bugs 🐞!! So, remember my previous blog of how I cut my hair but it was only temporary?? (If not, go check it out ✔️). 429 more words

The Natural Hair Journey, Is There a Final Destination?

The natural hair journey, it definitely implies that there is a final destination, but is there? When I decided to embrace my natural hair I did it simply because I wanted to try something new. 236 more words

Natural Hair

dnhi: scissor hands

Recently one of my favorite YouTubers, AfricanExport, recently chopped off all of her hair! I love it! All of my friends know that I have never been attached to length when it comes to my hair. 48 more words

Natural Hair

What I Learned by "Going Natural"

When a woman decides to change her hair, it’s usually because she’s bored with her current style or saw a hairstyle on someone else that she liked.  664 more words