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La, oh, LA.

If you had told me one year ago from this very moment that life was going to be exactly as it is right now, I wouldn’t of believed you. 921 more words

Mt.Hood Portland, Oregon

Driving into Portland last weekend we couldn’t miss beautiful Mt.Hood. Here it is late July and there was still lots of snow clinging to this mountain. 274 more words

Life In Small Town America

Denver Life

So I’ve been living in Denver for a month now and I really am loving all the changes that this move has brought me. Denver is this vast city that I can explore and discover whole new things. 388 more words

My Thoughts

Instant Adventure

My beautiful roommate and I have been trying to lead more exciting, fuller lives of late- it’s one of the reason we’re both so super psyched to go faerie chasing in a few months time. 564 more words

Chasing Faeries

A lot of questions, some answers...

Ok, so, I have lived here well over a year and there are several things I have yet to figure out. Some seem a bit inappropriate to ask people, but then remain unanswered questions for me, and some I have finally figured out the answers to. 454 more words


Not the way to spend a day off.

Our first trip to a hospital. Rumi has a problem with her foot. I don’t know what the problem is, but she can’t put it flat on the ground. 663 more words