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Shop until we drop.

I’m still fighting my cold. My head is heavy, my eyes hurt and don’t even get me started on how sore my nose is but in other news, I ploughed through and took myself shopping today. 484 more words

Kaboodle Ramblings


We as humans are always escaping. On a small scale it can range from being left alone, to distancing yourself from a job assignment. The large scale consists of leaving everything behind, everything that worries, frustrates and stresses you, and begin an adventure so different from anything that you’ve ever imagined. 274 more words


“You realize,” said my co-worker, John, “That you are literally irreplaceable.” He said this after my supervisor did two things no other supervisor has done. First, he fixed my transportation receipts to make sure they were all perfect, and second, he arrange for someone to go to the visa office to pick up our passports so that we don’t have to take the 2 hour trip on the subway again. 1,035 more words

Big City

Having options after 30

We, lonely girls in the big city often complain about how terrible the men from big cities are. Stupid, rude, unsympathetic, nasty, mean, ugly, etc. They don’t enjoy good cinema, they can not assess the quality of the wine in a restaurant, do not know nothing of Latin American literature and dress without taste. 385 more words



 What a surprise to see one on Abdel Aziz street in Hamra. have not seen one of these since San Francisco, and I would never think they would be used in Beirut. 8 more words


Growing up

Returning home from a trip to see my mother over Thanksgiving week was one of the hardest departures I’ve ever had to make.

Maybe it’s because she is sick. 286 more words