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I grew up in a town of about 30,000 just outside of a large American city. My high school had a thousand kids per grade. 346 more words

A view through a lens...

If you ever look closely enough at random things and places you walk by everyday you may find yourself fascinated about what you see. Every picture has it’s own background story and the closer you look at it the more that picture reveals the story. 84 more words

Learning moments..Part 2...

We had our de-briefing about the Halloween debacle. We were asked if there were any positive aspects. I know my supervisor’s supervisor was there, but I couldn’t think of a single thing. 518 more words


Beyond the Void

I come from the land of the Void. The land of no substance. There were once orange groves and people loved it for its proximity to the mountains, the desert and the beach. 485 more words

Do you pay to have a bank account

Only been here a short while, already found the most visible differences between life in London’s outskirts, Cork (second largest city in Ireland) and Copenhagen (Capitol of Denmark). 322 more words