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The Secret of Big Data Management

The secret to big data management is not just one issue. It’s many issues: analyzing data in real-time, keeping flexibility while not sacrificing speed, optimizing your dashboard(s), how to build the infrastructure, what’s the quality of your data, the list goes on. 135 more words

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Online vs Offline Bigdata solution

Big Data can take both online and offline forms. Online Big Data refers to data that is created, ingested, trans- formed, managed and/or analyzed in real-time to support operational applications and their users. 255 more words

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Cloud World Forum Examines Security, Privacy and Regulation of The Cloud #cloudwf

London, 15 April 2014 – As the adoption of cloud computing continues to grow across the world, security, privacy and regulation of data in the cloud are becoming more prominent and relevant than ever before. 792 more words

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Corporate IQ - Big Data or Nematode?

Raising corporate IQ is a task the board of your well established company needs to deliver.

As a well established player in business for more than 100 years you developed into a leading position because your organization excelled during the industrial age and continued to excel when reaching the information age. 263 more words

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Making Recommendations in Real Time

Making recommendations based on an user’s current behavior in a small time window is a powerful feature that has been added to sifarish recently. In this post I will go over the details of this feature. 1,627 more words

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Mouse tracks: Mickey’s hot on your trail …

According to Business Week

“Disney has launched a $1 billion experiment in crowd control, data collection, and wearable technology that could change the way people play—and spend—at the Most Magical Place on Earth. 253 more words

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