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DNA Replication - Frequent Words, Reverse Complement, Pattern Matching, Clump Finding, Skewi, Mismatches

Genome replication is one of the most important tasks carried out in the cell. Before a cell can divide, it must first replicate its genome so that each of the two daughter cells inherits its own copy. 1,705 more words

Big Data


Hello to all!

I am just posting the link where you can find  the presentation I created for the “Critical Questions for Big Data” reading, in case you ever want to have a quick review of the main ideas/concepts. 6 more words

Big Data

Big Data Industry: Much Ado About Nothing (Accuracy)

Without accurate data it is all just mushed together by the analyst (or computer program of the week).



2050 may seem to be a far future to be thinking about right now. But in fact, imagining scenarios in the near future is useful in our faculty of design. 643 more words


What the Apple Watch Says About Apple

Watching Timothy D. Cook last week as he introduced the Apple Watch to the world was almost touching, in his channeling of his predecessor. The back-and-forth pacing of the stage, the hand gestures, the cadence of his speech and the script unabashedly filled with superlatives — “We set out to build the best watch in the world” — were all reminiscent of the late Steven P. 108 more words


(Event) Software-defined factories by The Hive

The IoT revolution has opened floodgates to a broad spectrum of low-cost sensor devices that can digitally sample the minutest aspects of industrial operations into real-time data streams. 244 more words

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