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Using Amazon DynamoDb with the AWS.NET API Part 3: table operations


In the previous post we started coding our DynamoDb demo application. In particular we saw how to extract information about tables in DynamoDb.

In this post we’ll look at various table operations, more specifically how to create, delete and update tables in DynamoDb. 967 more words


How Big Data Will Impact the Super Bowl

How Big Data Will Impact the Super Bowl.

It’s almost time for the big game–the one and only, Super Bowl.

As diehard and casual fans alike pick up the snacks and set up the living room for their Super Bowl parties, sports experts are spending hours on end pontificating on the minutiae of the tiniest details happening on and off the field, all in an effort to predict the winner between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. 747 more words

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Using MultipleOutputs with ORC in MapReduce

ORC Introduction MapReduce Multiple Outputs with ORC Files

ORC (Optimised Row Columnar) is a relatively new format being heavily pushed by the Hadoop community. It offers many useful optimisations and features for storing columnar data. 559 more words

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Big Data is algorithming you - ©Pierre Alonso • [article11.info]

Je donne, tu donnes, il/elle donne… nos données. Les data sont le nouvel or noir que se disputent gouvernements et géants du numérique. Parfois, les premiers se servent même tout simplement chez les seconds, comme l’a montré l’existence du programme Prism, l’une des nombreuses révélations d’Edward Snowden – l’ancien sous-traitant de la toute-puissance National Security Agency (NSA) américaine. 74 more words

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What You Need to Know About NoSQL Databases

In a conversation last year, Justin Sheehy, CTO of Basho, described NoSQL as a movement, rather than a technology. This description immediately felt right; I’ve never been comfortable talking about NoSQL, which when taken literally, extends from the minimalist Berkeley DB (commercialized as… 5,116 more words

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Is It Time For NoETL?

I’ve been bemused by NoSQL, the movement that propounds database-management diversity. Is it now similarly time for a NoETL movement, reflecting a new world of liberated, semantically enriched, analysis-ready, mashable data? 803 more words

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