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The dark side of Big Data

With the rise of the information age, our lives are becoming ever dependent on data. Essentially we live in a data-driven society were the supply and demand for data has become something imperative for success and progress for so many. 511 more words


Facebook Messenger - How Safe Is It?

Mainly everyone has Facebook these days, and it has become a part of daily life. It is an easy and convenient way to communicate and keep in touch with your friends. 477 more words


Does “Big Data” create benefits for businesses and customers?

We live in an age where much more of our lives take place in cyber world. Our digital records reveal our lives such as age and gender and tell about what we want. 521 more words

Big Data

Bias Big Data

Over the past few decades, the data collected has increased exponentially to the point that we can say that big data may now provide accurate analysis or as Former  623 more words


The BIG idea?

What has this epoch of Anthropocene instilled within us that stirs an urgency of change in how we live our consumption-orientated world? An ominous bleak future overshadows our development in design as we acknowledge the disastrous possibilities of a destabilizing home, our Earth.   425 more words


I like curly fries- does that make me a genius too?

When everything we do digitally has the ability to be recorded, analysed, rated and commented on, is our online persona developed from this “big data” an accurate representation of who we are and should we be concerned. 638 more words


Solving the Ethical Issues of Big Data

The modern era of big data ensures us that every detail of our online lives are tracked, or perhaps even our offline lives. Players such as Google, Facebook, and Zynga, among many others, are finding ways to aggregate ever more information about users. 516 more words