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Trick-or-Treat a Data Scientist

“Dad, can you help get more candy this Halloween?” Abdur Rehman, my 12 year old asked me last Friday. His simple question got me thinking of how I, as a data scientist, could optimize his path for collecting candy. 68 more words

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What the Hortonworks IPO could mean for the future of big data

Enterprise Hadoop vendor Hortonworks recently filed for an initial public offering. It could change the game in the coming months for big data and Hadoop. 50 more words

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So just how big, is big data?  Big data analytics is a trending and emergent technology that is commonly known as the collection of extremely large sums of data, frequently coupled with analytic tools to identify patterns and make sense of it all.   613 more words

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Finally—Business Intelligence Comes To Big Data

Business Intelligence was the buzzword of the 1990s, scoring oodles of venture capital cash and plenty of customers, a huge percentage of which never got much value from their hefty investments. 51 more words

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Why technology and content are inseparable at Netflix

Neil Hunt is the chief product officer at Netflix, and his job entails a lot more than it might sound like. The end product at Netflix is the video streaming through our iPads or smart televisions, but what we’re watching and we’re seeing it is result of a lot of work. 1,961 more words

Non-Geeks Want to Know: Will Hadoop Mess Up My Data Warehouse Ecosystem?

Hadoop recently turned eight years old, but it was only 3-4 years ago that Hadoop really started gaining traction. It had many of us “older” BI/DW folks scratching our heads wondering what Hadoop was up to and if our tried-and-true enterprise data warehouse (EDW) ecosystems were in jeopardy. 116 more words