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Big Data

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Big Data

Interview with Waterline Data Science

An interview that John Mount and I recently did with Oliver Claude of Waterline Data Science about the necessity of data inventory. It’s not the most glamorous aspect of data science, certainly; but the need to understand what you have doesn’t go away when you have big data — it’s increased. 19 more words

Data Science

“砂漠の中からひと粒のダイヤを探す”、ビッグデータの価値を引き出すデータ集録 [ #cbajp ]




“Hadoop Developer” for Full-Time position in Phoenix, AZ.

Job Title: “Hadoop Developer”

Job Location: Phoenix, AZ.

Job Duration: Permanent

Job Nature: Full-Time Hire (FTH); Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)

Client Domain: IT Services, IT Consulting… 109 more words


成功するビッグデータ企業のための五つの鍵 [ #cbajp ]




Google sets up a research lab to build quantum-computing hardware

The always-innovative Google has come up with its own technology for storing data, running applications, and learning from huge data sets. Now Google is developing the best hardware for quantum computing. 331 more words