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Even Palantir can't ignore the cult of simplicity

If any company could get away with cramming a horribly complex user experience down its customers’ throats, you’d think it would be Palantir.

The well-funded and not-so-secretive Palo Alto, California, based startup… 565 more words

Big Data

Palantir buys mobile-development startup Propeller

Palantir, a big data company that has worked with U.S. Army and other government customers, just bought itself a mobile-development startup called Propeller. That’s the second Palantir acquisition this week — and easily the more interesting one. 199 more words


Data scientists outearn the rest of us by 113%

Sure, it might be more fun to be a painter, teacher or police officer. But if you’re looking for the highest paid profession, data science is hard to beat. 34 more words

Business Intelligence

API Support for World-Changing Datasets

We applaud the arrival of  “world-changing” data-manipulation technologies. But where do we see those technologies applied? In sales, maybe . . . but rarely in the changing of worlds. 1,004 more words

Problem Solving

Cybersecurity: Securing Hadoop with Data Science, HDFS, Mapreduce,and Big Data

This video explains how Hadoop can be secured with Data Science, through a cyber security perspective. Concepts such as HDFS, MapReduce, and Big Data analytics are included in this explanation. 53 more words

Study: Marketing automation lacks experienced users, demands more resources

Mid-sized B2B companies and corporations that use marketing automation platforms (MAPs) lack experienced users and underestimate the amount of resource needed to drive effective MAP adoption. 236 more words