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The Big Day

Today was ground-breaking, I mean huge! This perfect September day, sunny, breezy, and most of all productive. Today was the day we made things happen…from our name to self-branding to prioritizing our agenda. 64 more words


The "You-Tube" Moment

Remember the last time you watched one of those YouTube videos about the person that did that one thing, that made you think, “how did they over come those odds?” Then… in the brief seconds following this amazing tribute to a beautiful inspiration, you felt empowered to do anything, like all the energy from whatever made it so powerful is in you now…and then, the phone rings it’s your bestie and she had a fight with her boyfriend and only your words of wisdom can help, you get an email from work, your deadline has been moved forward (who does that, anyway?), one of the kiddos fell down and only your kisses will ease the pain of the boo-boo. 157 more words


people who were helpful and unhelpful

 “You know Aunty Sandra, – not your real aunty but you call her aunty cause she’s a family friend or went slimming club or bingo with your mum!” 667 more words


A letter to my sister on her wedding day

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet my sister! She is getting married today and there are some things I wanted her to know.

My dearest sister,

We have had some really tough times together. 517 more words

A Bridal Bucket List: the Wedding Day Edition #1

Bienvenue à mes amis!

Today is October 16th. Can ya’ll believe that? It’s been nearly 4 weeks since the wedding, which doesn’t seem right, yet here we are! 1,831 more words

Wedding dress shopping

Slightly epic post today about my month-long search for The One, no, not The Boy I would spend the rest of my days with, but the dress I would wear for 12 hours (but love every minute of). 737 more words


Setting Your Wedding Date

Once the excitement of getting engaged has set in, you now have to start planning your wedding date which contains many aspects.  Not only is it a very memorable and important date for both of you, it will also be a day to look back on for the rest of your lives. 432 more words

Big Day