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The Anaconda

I must say in the myriads of almost-sex and bad sex, what happened in this entry is by far the worst sex I have ever had! 1,168 more words

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Shameless - Teddy's Smut


We all watch it. A Fuck Ton. Why aren’t we sharing it? Why don’t we talk about it?

I’m a shameless Teddy and I look at videos just about every night and one of my favorite things to do when I go to Pornhub or Xtube is to go to users profiles and view their favorites. 218 more words

Big Dick

Tall White Tranny is here, NatashaForYou


NatashaForYou is an athletic anal sex cam lover and model, whose entire white body is perceived to achieve perfection by disciplined workout. “Beauty” and this “sexy, 20-year-old girl hot babe” are usually inseparable. 396 more words

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Big dick

You sure are acting like a big dick. And no, you cannot hold me against it.

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Mr. BD

Good afternoon everybody! Today’s topic will be on Mr. BD (my second encounter with a lawyer!). I’m writing this as he is sitting across me ;) #scandalous hahaha. 602 more words

Sexual Partner #9 – January 17, 2013 – 27 years old

This person had mutual friends with my housemate, so a bunch of guys from interstate stayed at our place for a few days and he was tagging along for the ride. 518 more words

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