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Night Light

As I was driving home from covering high school football, I wanted to find a place along the highway to stop and photograph the lightning that was in the sky about 50 miles north of where I was, adding streaking lights from vehicles. 34 more words


I can see the little dipper pretty clearly in my area. A book I have read about astrology says that normally for the author he could only see the little dipper on darks night but it looks like I’m far enough north to see the Little Dipper clearly every night. 40 more words



..and the northern lights — http://ift.tt/1qUn4gT by b_olsen


USPS Star Calendar for 21-27 September

21 Sep    The moon and Regulus rise 2½ hours before the sun. Jupiter is 1½ fist-widths above the moon, which is about 10 percent illuminated. 140 more words


Big Dipper?

We’d read that we might be able to see the Aurora Borealis last night in Wyoming so drove north of Cheyenne hoping to view the Northern Lights. 133 more words


Big Dipper's Handle

This is the handle of The Big Dipper.

This is the second star in the handle. It’s actually four stars that orbit around each other. Alcor on the top, Sidus Ludoviciana in the middle, and Mizar A and B on the bottom. 16 more words

My Journey Through Film


Orion on bottom right hand corner

Big Dipper