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Celestial Event

I live in Las Vegas, where the lights of the city obliterate the stars in the heavens. Despite the fact that the only cluster of stars I can identify is the Big Dipper, I consider myself a bit of a stargazer, and the appearance of a full moon over the horizon compels me every four weeks to send an excited text alert to my grown children, “Go up on the roof and look at the moon!” One time they ran up to do just that, thinking there was something wrong with it, based on the exclamation point, I guess, only to discover the same old fat moon smiling and winking at them. 335 more words

Dear friend

Dear friend across the night sky,

I’ve heard that people in Australia can never see the Big Dipper. Well, neither have I ever seen it in my life! 414 more words

Old School Record Review Interview Series Episode 6- North and South Dakotas

Dave headed up to Ballston Spa to catch up with the North and South Dakotas. The North and South Dakotas are an Americana/Roots band featuring excellent vocal harmonies and multiple lead instruments. 116 more words



Sky opens
And Great Bear rises,
Raining light.


Tuck your children in with Sleepy Safari and the’ll dream of only happy things. Download the book here. 

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Yea !

The big dipper in Santa Cruz was completed in 1928 and its still going. I last went on it 20 years ago, its still excellent, delivering a sense of fun and excitement to all those who venture forth. 14 more words

'Bigger Dipper' Scoops Stars and Galaxies In April 2014 Skywatching | Video - YouTube

The constellations of Ursa Major (the ‘Big Dipper’) and Leo hold a bevy of skywatching goodness this month. Find out how to see the ‘Leo Tripet’ of galaxies, plus the double star systems of Mizor and Alcor, and more.

Look North in April 2014! See Mizar - the best thing since - well, since sliced bread!

In April the Big Dipper is climbing high overhead in the northeast and starting to pour its contents into the Little Dipper – not a very good idea, but fun to contemplate. 875 more words

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