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Big Dreams and Facing Social Injustice

For me one of the biggest dreamers, greatest men, and wisest thinkers of the 20th century was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  He gave all of us a great moral center, and we can still go back to his words to guide us, for he lived and died his word.   337 more words

Land of the Dreamers (poem #26)

People often question why I do what I do,

It doesn’t make sense to them,

Why I feel everything I do,

and I risk so much, 105 more words


Dream Big

Genesis 37

Things look pretty bleak for Joseph. His life, not to mention his fantastic dreams, are in jeopardy. What will become of them? What will become of him? 644 more words

Pastor Matt

About standing up for your decisions, your life.

If you shall ask, I don’t own all the right tools but I do have the willingness to fight. I might not have all the confidence but I do lack the fear of failure. 137 more words

From planes to Plains

the heat. The sun. the smell. Of sweat and gasoline and livestock. The dirt roads with pot holes every three feet and garbage littering the sides. 1,227 more words