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Is it the end of AC/DC?

I’ve always said to my friends that this sounds a lot like ZZ Top’s song “Jesus just left Chicago” which I just found out came out two years earlier than this AC/DC jam. 985 more words

Big Events

Promoter by day, DJ by night

I got up extra early to promote events online, to talk to people and talk up the events. The job before my day job…I don’t get paid extra for the promotion but if the turnout at the event is great, I get a chance for more money and to be part of bigger events. 170 more words


Beard does not agree with comedy. Unless it's not yours.

An acquaintance started to grow a beard. His black hair turned a bit grey in the last few years and the beard follows the same chromatic. 77 more words

BIG Events

would you approve of me

har blitt firogtyve og vært i praha og nå gleder jeg meg til tori og kråkeslott og træna og whatnot og kanskje til og med oslo vegetarfestival?? 25 more words

Big Events

“In between” times

We may mark our lives by the big events, but most of our lives are lived “in between” those times. Most of our days are not exceptionally wonderful or awful. 826 more words

Ellie visits Jack and her brother Pip

Today I had some peace and quiet – mum took Ellie over to Wool to visit her brother Pip and my pal Jack.

Here’s Ellie safely locked in her crate in the back of our transport. 306 more words

Cocker Spaniel