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Locked and Unloaded: Getting Real About Gun Safety

I was in my favorite place on earth, Winthrop, WA, a few weeks back to celebrate the 4th of July. Winthrop is charming, rustic, Western-themed town that today continues the tradition of being a hub for ranchers and farmers, and importantly has transitioned into a tourist destination for those seeking active getaways in a beautiful valley. 1,762 more words

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kennyt Nails It

Minimalism, simplifying, decluttering – these ideas are becoming less fringe-y and more trendy. I follow a couple blogs and do a fair amount of reading and thinking (and not enough writing) on these topics, but  16 more words


William C. Whitney could have changed the future of the entire world via the electric car

I went to my cousin’s wedding this weekend; the reception was at Larz Anderson Auto Museum (and park) up in Boston. During the early stages of the reception, you could actually meander throughout the museum. 624 more words

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Naming Shapes

As Monkey slowly learns to talk, my husband and I find it fascinating to observe when and where he uses his “words.” On a hike in the spring he was “woof-woof”-ing at deer, squirrels – any animal we encountered. 680 more words


Cheers! An Argument For Underage Drinking

I recently read Kathy Radigan’s Open Letter to Her Teenage Son About Drinking and felt compelled to respond. Now, admittedly, my twin daughters are not even 7 yet, so their ages don’t even “add up” to a teenager- Kathy has a serious head start in terms of time spent thinking about this subject. 1,023 more words

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Summarizing and Note Taking- Module 4 (EDU 6526)

The material for Module 4 covered the instructional strategies summarizing and note taking, which provide opportunities for students to capture, organize, and reflect on important facts, concepts, ideas and processes (Dean et al., 2012). 659 more words

EDU 6526

Craft Spotlight: Architecture Paper

Draw houses and fill in the details with Architecture Paper! This special paper takes the best elements of a building, and spruces them up with a range of gorgeous designs. 216 more words