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Summarizing and Note Taking- Module 4 (EDU 6526)

The material for Module 4 covered the instructional strategies summarizing and note taking, which provide opportunities for students to capture, organize, and reflect on important facts, concepts, ideas and processes (Dean et al., 2012). 659 more words


Craft Spotlight: Architecture Paper

Draw houses and fill in the details with Architecture Paper! This special paper takes the best elements of a building, and spruces them up with a range of gorgeous designs. 216 more words


Tired? Start Writing!

After a long day at the office, running errands around town and mentally preparing for tomorrow, the first thing I want to do is crash and go to sleep. 315 more words

Christos Tsiolkas

Unless you happen to be on WordPress now, it’s probably going to be a little late for you; I am currently watching Big Ideas, the ep with an interview by David Marr with Christos Tsiolkas, and it expires at 5PM today, so I hope you get the opportunity to watch it.  921 more words

Film Review Sunday

books = belongingness = sisterhood

Whattup, sweet pies? I feel like the rainy season is slowly circumnavigating itself into my copper spine and making everything tingly, wet, and uncomfortable. Just like what happened yesterday with my shoes, all wet and icky. 271 more words


The Complexities of Quitting Facebook and 99 Days of Freedom

I started thinking about leaving Facebook during my final semester of university. I was tasked with writing my final paper—ten to twenty pages of my own theory… 1,281 more words

Big Ideas

How to Count: A Guide for Grownups

One of the things I love about my job is that I get to look in-depth at mathematics concepts that appear basic, but are surprisingly complex. 814 more words