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Let's Talk About Big Ideas

It’s one of those buzz words in education: BIG IDEAS.  And we need to talk about it. Why? Because big ideas can be anything from a bit of jargon someone uses to try to land a job, to an incredibly powerful instructional strategy. 436 more words


Wire, braids and Jewels!!

Ive had an amazing week, been so busy setting up my facebook page and Folksy shop. But the best part of my week has been going to a Kumihimo workshop ran by Dorothy Wood, it was amazing to be taught by someone as amazing as she is. 331 more words

James Gunn on his vision for Guardians of the Galaxy (spoiler-free)

From James Gunn’s Forward to The Art of Guardians of the Galaxy (images added by me, mostly not from the book):

I have loved science fiction my whole life.

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Object Permanence

A very young infant has no conception of objects that exist outside of her immediate awareness. (Just how young has yet to be determined.) That’s why a parent’s “reappearance” in peek-a-boo, so mundane to us, is such a miracle to the child: the parent doesn’t exist, and then she does. 625 more words


Learners in Context: M8 Meta-Reflection

As a new teacher with no prior experience, the only idea for what teaching should look like is what I experienced as a student myself. Through this course, and specifically the text utilized by Medina (2008), I have learned that the teaching methods I experienced are not necessarily ones that I should pass onto my future students. 548 more words

Learners In Context

Come by here.

“They found Robin Williams,” I said to R as he was coming in from the pool.

“Oh man,” he groaned. “And the next question is…” 176 more words

Robin Williams