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From me to you

O, that I were a glove upon that hand That I might touch that cheek! Shakespeare

From me to you…

I can see them – lying at the farthest spaces of your heart. 76 more words

Random Thoughts

25: 50 (#1) mistakes of the fledgling fiction writer.

1: The countdown is over to the biggest blunder.


Well here we are, nearly half a year as gone by! I feel we are like soldiers that have survived a war, survivor syndrome about to set in. 2,953 more words

I Love America

Four days after the Fourth of July, I was at a Shell station in Lincoln City, OR in the middle of the night buying a snack. 432 more words


Big Love

That gold “S”

Sitting upon your neck

Resting quietly just below your suprasternal notch

Beaming out rays of a mother’s love

Shining the glimmer of a life well-lived… 287 more words


Most Secret

Breaking down, broken down, into the pieces of self, the shards of who I am. These remnants that I need to explore here and now. My process very personal, but somehow still needing to unwind and offer some of it here in this public space. 1,419 more words


Polygamy Time - Saturday Musings

Saturday 28th June 2014


Sitting pool-side with ShortButSweet, who is sourcing jungle-themed decor for her Lion King children’s extravaganza she’s working on. Turns out you can buy a lot of different shower curtains with pawprints on them, which I suppose you would want to buy if you were a cat lady or something. 167 more words

The big cheese

In a city that serves an array of international cuisines, caters for all palettes and has official ‘foodie heaven’ status, it’s a wonder good, specialty cheese is an uphill battle to find. 366 more words

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