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“The big Other is a set of unwritten rules that effectively regulate our speech and acts, the ultimate guarantee of Truth to which we have to refer even when lying […] to be successful in our deceit.” – Slavoj Zizek

Big Other

“The infant […] is confronted above all by the unanswerable question of the mother’s desire. It is in the fate of this question that the mother assumes the form of das Ding, not the little other of the imaginary object, the mirror object of the imaginary human being, but the unknowable, unmasterable, and monstrous big Other.” – Richard Boothby, Freud as Philosopher, p.

Big Other

sext with me and I'll show you how the language fucks with God

we had sex on our first date. we aren’t impulsive, we aren’t cynical and we care about feelings. this is not a one-night stand, we project to hang out again. 1,354 more words

Big Other

“In Semprun’s Le grand voyage, Gerard conveys his memories to an unnamed companion. Why this need for an interlocutor?


In the concentration camp there is no big Other, no one on whom we can count to receive and verify our testimony. 41 more words

Big Other

“we only imagine that we do “not really” believe in our ideology—in spite of this imaginary distance, we continue to practise it. We believe […] more than we imagine we believe. 21 more words

Big Other

Paul Kincaid Reviews Lance Olsen's [[ there. ]]

Here’s an excerpt from Paul Kincaid’s review at Big Other:

:::: Because … Which is to say that … How … So many of these passages begin as if we are already in mid-thought, as if we are carrying on a conversation that has always already lasted for some time. 77 more words

A Month in the Caravan June 2014 - Trauma, Fantasy and the search for the big Other

I’ve spent most of this month caravaning in a field by a river near Betws y Coed. If the pull was to spend the early summer in a truly magical landscape the push was to get the caravan away from the thieving low lives who broke into it and stole my lovely wood burner while it was parked in the woods. 1,175 more words