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from Slavoj Žižek's Absolute Recoil: Towards a New Foundation of Dialectical Materialism (Verso, 2014)

…the big Other is not some kind of substantial Master who secretly pulls the strings but a stumbling malfunctioning machinery.


won’t fit
Look at it
Very odd
Doesn’t sit
different side
trying it
Once more
Moving it
Similar now
Surrounding it

“The point is not to attach oneself to the semblances..but to consider them necessary. ..Society is held together only by semblances, ‘which means: there is no society without repression, without identification, and above all without routine.’” – One should protect the semblances of power for the good reason that one should be able to continue to enjoy. 9 more words

“Those who think all the signs of power are mere semblances and rely on the arbitrariness of the discourse of the master are bad boys: they are even more alienated.” – “By stating openly that the Emperor has no clothes, we intend only to get rid of the unnecessary hypocrisy and pretence. 72 more words

“..Only through the Christian experience can you reach the abyss of atheism…which is something…much more radical than…Richard Dawkins.” – ”..In this sense for me…some Darwinists are not atheists…, they always have some higher figure of nessecity.” – Slavoj Zizek on Dawkins’s need for utilitarianism as “some higher figure of necessity”, as some wish to fill the atheist void with principles 8 more words

Slavoj Zizek

“The ironist is able to discern true attachment in dismissive disdain or in feigned indifference.” – – “An ironist […] doubts if a cold, calculating utilitarian is really what they pretend to be. 45 more words

Slavoj Zizek