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The Illuminati Depopulation Agenda

While the global elite construct underground bunkers, eat organic and hoard seeds in Arctic vaults; the global poor are being slowly starved thanks to high commodity prices and poisoned with genetically modified (GMO) food.

Dean Henderson

Daily Life Update #41

To read, or not to read the symptoms. That is the question. 

Head of the CDC Under Fire (video)

ABC News, Jul 16, 2014

After three close calls in one month, and news of a new scare, Dr. Tom Frieden goes before Congress.

Big Pharma

3 Reasons Sovaldi's Astronomical Price Might Not Be Sustainable

In our last post, we wrote about why Sovaldi has the potential to have an enormous impact on healthcare in America and wanted to talk more about its pricing here. 215 more words

Episode 85: AllTrials and Vanessa's Law

In this episode of Life, the Universe & Everything Else, Gem Newman and Richelle McCullough discuss Bill C-17 (“Vanessa’s Law”) and are joined by Ian Bushfield of Sense About Science’s AllTrials project to discuss the problem of publication bias. 224 more words