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The Truth Of The Matter is...

Ah yes, Truth.  It is, in all reality, the most elusive word, concept and most coveted item in the universe, only second to Love. And invisible as it may seem, you can recognize it in the tears of a baby, the facial expressions and wrinkles of an elderly person, indeed, in the smile and glow of a newly married couple. 1,020 more words


Organic Geochemistry: A Key to Clarifying the Origins of Life?

Before we embark on our adventure peeling back the layers of geologic time, a brief discussion of organic geochemistry’s role in this adventure will be detailed. 356 more words

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Meet Levi's Stadium, the Most High-Tech Sports Venue Yet

Most people have heard of smartphones, smart cars and smart homes. Say hello to the smart stadium.

Set in the heart of Silicon Valley, Levi’s Stadium — home to the San Francisco 49ers — is now the most high-tech stadium anywhere in the world. 1,345 more words

Facebook: Is Government-Mandated Data Extraction Warranted?

by: Jason Wilson

Privacy policies have been widely debated throughout the history of social media.  Their ability to dictate users’ expectations for their personal data (and its accessibility by third parties) came further into question this week when a New York court ordered Facebook to turn over files for nearly 400 users in a… 453 more words


How To Fly

During my career I flew over a million air miles. Even though I’m just shy of seven feet tall, I mostly enjoyed the experience once I figured out a few key things about flying. 1,293 more words

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The Myopic View versus the Big Picture

How many times have we waited for a miracle to happen? Can you recall the countless times where you have desperately imagined something, while a tiny voice inside you whispers ‘that’s never going to happen.’ That hopeless feeling within you that dreams of those impractical absurd outcomes. 211 more words