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Meter Response Time From The Inside Out

The whole reason companies build applications is to handle the work with a reasonable response time. To do that well you need to monitor both internal and external response time for the transactions you care about. 1,008 more words

Big Picture


The big picture can give you a fright,
but it’s the details that bite.


Why no well

I am SO glad you asked about why I don’t want a well (although you may be sorry you did!). Because I’ve been meaning to look into the details of the water situation here, and your question gave me the impetus to do that today. 1,726 more words


May Is For Metta 2014 ~ Coming Soon To A Cushion Near You!

“Though we all have the seed of loving-friendliness within us, we must make the effort to cultivate it.  When we are rigid, uptight, tense, anxious, full of worries or fears, our natural capacity for loving-friendliness cannot flourish.  971 more words

Big Picture

The Dark Side of Crafting.

Day 48: April 21, 2014

The Word: MINUTIA, noun: a minute or minor detail

My Take: People can be separated into two camps: those who notice the details and those who notice the big picture. 314 more words


Who Needs a Memory When We Have Google?

I have a confession to make: I’m an infomaniac.

In high school, I was on the debate team and got an early taste of what it’s like to dig deep into information so that I could support my debate arguments. 1,338 more words

Dom or Douche: Part 1-- The Good Guy

I’ve been talking to people who identify as Dominant for a while now, most of them online, but occasionally face-to-face.  Because I’m a heterosexual woman, my interactions (at least the potentially flirtatious ones) are generally with males.   272 more words