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Dom or Douche: Part 1-- The Good Guy

I’ve been talking to people who identify as Dominant for a while now, most of them online, but occasionally face-to-face.  Because I’m a heterosexual woman, my interactions (at least the potentially flirtatious ones) are generally with males.   272 more words


Help Me To Empower Women In Addiction Recovery Through Writing & Creativity

For the past 9 months, I have been working on a pilot project that brings writing, journaling and creativity to women who are in long-term residential addictions treatment.  836 more words

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History Repeating

The worst pain comes from falling in the same hole twice.

When you do the work to solve a performance problem, it is often a good idea to add meters in your ongoing, always-running set of meters, to watch for the return of that problem. 70 more words

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Four Beliefs About Performance Work

Here are four beliefs that have served me well in every type of performance work I’ve ever done. They are not technical, but they are fundamental to your success. 724 more words

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All Meters Have Problems

You need metering data to do any performance work but metering data never perfectly adds up, never aligns 100%, and typically contains many numbers that are meaningless to you. 357 more words

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Changing the Bedding – 4/13/14

Happy 12th birthday, dear daughter, Cara Elizabeth Lucas. It’s a birthday cake treat to watch you grow so sweetly over the years.  You were always an active and easy-going child who made the best of your waking hours.   659 more words

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