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Check out this quote by Dallas Willard. Confidence in Jesus as absolute Maestro of the universe is the first indication of regeneration. Is that great or what? 884 more words


Don’t you just love baby rolls? OOooo I just want to pick her up and squeeze her in this picture (my main pic above)… its like I am right there. 427 more words


For those of you who’ve read and loved Learning to Love Criticism (and for those of you who haven’t, until just now), here’s a related idea: learning to love being… 465 more words

Big Picture

Something important. (An attempt to explain the big picture.)

This may all just be delusions, or it might be long overdue chemical brain damage, or it could actually be true and real and not imaginary in any way. 534 more words


If you can do long division you can invest

Six simple sums are all you need to get you started…

The Commission for Financial Literacy and the NZX are trialling free lunchtime talks in basic investment to teach would-be investors the basics. 552 more words

Big Picture

Typing Begins...

I have so far typed just over 4000 words.  I have changed little.  Though I have made the odd little note and finally given names to Joanna’s parents, it has been typed out as is.  192 more words

The Force Disrupting Samsung and Other Tech Giants

Over the past five years, Samsung has become one of the big tech giants, enjoying a lot of success with its smartphones and tablets. It became a dominant player in China, Korea and other parts of Asia, and became Apple’s biggest competitor in the U.S., Europe and other parts of the world. 1,205 more words