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Changing the Bedding – 4/13/14

Happy 12th birthday, dear daughter, Cara Elizabeth Lucas. It’s a birthday cake treat to watch you grow so sweetly over the years.  You were always an active and easy-going child who made the best of your waking hours.   659 more words

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Rich Soil

Harvest need #4 of 5 is “Rich Soil.”  Jesus’ parable of the sower in Matthew 13, Mark 4 and Luke 8 makes clear that the message of Christ will bring about a variety of yields based on the hearts into which it is sown.   348 more words

Church Planting

This week: Community Center Theater Project Open House, City Council Item

The Community Center Theater open house is this Wednesday, April 16 beginnging at 5:30 p.m. at the theater located on 1301 L Street. This open house is aimed to give you an update on the project including the design options, costs and timeline.  87 more words

City Of Sacramento

Sacramento's hard work on water saving is paying off

How well is Sacramento doing so far in reducing water use? Pretty well, in fact as the numbers are in and our water conversation efforts are paying off. 222 more words


PC vs Mobile: How Technological Worldviews Are Shaped

A worldview is the way someone thinks about the world. Everyone has a worldview, whether they know it or not. This word came up often during many of my sociology and psychology classes, and it came up even more often as I was studying behavioral science. 638 more words

The Big Picture

The 15 hour drive was so worth it. My feet were sinking into the warm sand on that hot, sunny day. It felt wonderful after the harsh winter we had endured. 245 more words

As Things Get Busy

As the user load increases from light to crazy-busy there are a three things I’ve noticed that generally tend to be true over every customer system I’ve ever worked on. 671 more words

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