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Holistic Holiness

The living message of the gospel spreads like all other living things on the planet through multiplication.  Plant life reproduces as a seed takes root, the plant that results then must bear fruit of some sort, and finally the fruit must deliver the seeds within it to produce the next generation of growth.   1,062 more words

Making Disciples

Punishment or Funishment?

I think it is safe to say that most in the D/s community see a difference between punishment and funishment. There are certainly those who have varying feelings about whether or not funishment is appropriate and in what contexts, but most agree that there is a distinction between the two.   480 more words


The Mechanisms of Her

Is it too much to ask for you to just pay attention?

It feels like since forever she’s been misunderstood

It’s like whatever she wants done she has to mention… 408 more words

The bigger picture

Thank you for all your prayers and good energy. This past week contained so many reminders of how you help me live this life and how amazingly blessed I get to be. 609 more words

Daily Life

Why the Internet's Next Billion Users Will Be Mobile-Only

The personal computer in the shape of a notebook or desktop has taken computers as far as those shapes would allow. Now, the future of computing is only possible because of new shapes: That of tablets and, especially, Internet-connected smartphones. 763 more words

Want a safe bet? Try investing in a company with women on board

Companies with at least one female director on board are 20 per cent less likely to go bust. And even less likely if they have two or more women on board. 688 more words

Big Picture

Green Energy Storage: We Can't Get There with Batteries (Why Systems Analysis is Essential for Making Good Decisions)

The Catch-22 of Energy Storage” by John Morgan is quite an article. It exemplifies proper systems analysis, which requires one to stand back and look at the overall Big Picture — examine all of the important variables — in order to improve the odds of arriving at a proper solution. 164 more words

Engineering Thinking Principles