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So Just WHAT Do I Need to Change?

Look at this:
“God,” I whisper,
“You know that isn’t
what it felt like.”

I’m agitated about
the substance
of a conversation
with an acquaintance of mine. 346 more words

Let's write history or rewrite history.

Warning: I had a bad day when I wrote this :)

I watched a couple of T.V. documentaries on the independence referendum. The BBC’s for richer or poorer was exactly what you would expect. 1,194 more words


Digging Deeper. Is there a God?

I love to think, a lot.

I recently had a thought about God. Before I get started I would like to make something clear. I am not a believer, nor am I a disbeliever. 303 more words


Independent what? Yawn...

It might be the beer or early mornings but the independence thing has me yawning. I am really passionate about there being a Scotland, but even I am getting bored with the rehashing of the same old nonsense. 1,149 more words


Slow debate day. Understanding the no vote.

Only one news piece today on the campaigns, a report reporting Alistair Darling commenting on two newspaper reports. So the tedious link game continues, oh joy. 922 more words