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Study Shows Electronic Cigarettes Cause Bad Image

Health-   A recent study conducted by RJ Reynolds has finally given us some answers about electronic cigarettes or “vaping”. According to the results of a survey given by the company these devices are creating a poor image for users. 163 more words


The Press Is Starting To See The Light!

The press is inching toward even-handedness on e-cigarettes. Well, maybe centimetering. There is a trickle of articles expressing genuine openness toward positive as well as negative takes on the vaping phenomenon, instead of coming out punching con or pro. 452 more words

Multibillion-dollar lawsuit against Big Tobacco now in the hands of judge

MONTREAL – A class-action lawsuit that targets three Canadian tobacco manufacturers for nearly $20 billion has ended after almost three years of testimony.

Closing arguments wrapped up in Montreal on Thursday, with Quebec Superior Court Justice Brian Riordan taking the case under deliberation. 437 more words


Oklahoma planned for the future

In 1998 the attorneys general of 46 states entered into an agreement with four U.S. tobacco companies called the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement.  These states would receive money from the companies to recover Medicaid “tobacco-related-health-care costs” and the tobacco companies would be exempt from lawsuits from private citizens who had been harmed by tobacco.   241 more words


"GateWay Fears"

Britain’s Office for National Statistics  has published figures suggesting that “gateway” fears – the idea that vaping could lead to smoking – are unwarranted. According to ONS statistics, vapers are almost exclusively smokers and ex-smokers, using e-cigs or more recent vaping products as a smoking cessation tool. 271 more words

All In At The VIP Table

revised version of a controversial advert for VIP electronic cigarettes will be aired on 10 November in Britain. It will be the first advertisement for e-cigs to be shown under the revised guidelines of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), and the… 427 more words

Advanced Nuclear and Climate Change

I’ve been lucky enough to have been included in a long-running discussion among some of the high-level proponents of advanced nuclear.  As most of these people are senior scientists, many with PhDs, the lion’s share of the conversation is on the science, some of which is fairly daunting.  213 more words