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The Bigamist

Today in Writing 101, write a post with roots in a real-world conversation. For a twist, include foreshadowing.

I opened the envelope in my hands glancing at the return address as I ripped it open. 594 more words


Seventeen Wives vs. Sister Wives

Old Bailey: Bigamy, 10th May 1676

A shoemaker from England roamed around the streets of London, where he pretended to be a wealthy man in order to marry various women for their money, seventeen women to be exact. 967 more words

Silver Sparrow

Every family has secrets…little secrets, big secrets, old secrets, new secrets, and dirty secrets…but secrets nonetheless. What would you do if you were “ 580 more words


Deliciously Wicked Richard

Richard III really will have to try harder if he is going to live up to that interesting reputation of his. After all, what good is a serial incestor if all he does is simply marry his cousin (with a Papal dispensation) which occurs all the time nowadays anyway – without the Papal dispensation? 979 more words

Bigamy - What does the Hindu Marriage Act and IPC S. 494 say

Some Frequent Situations in Bigamy…

There is NO bar in customary Hindu Law to a man entering second marriage. However, the customary law was codified by the enactment of the Hindu Marriage Act in 1956, which declared  a second marriage ‘void ‘during the subsistence of the first one. 1,505 more words


Asylum and Bigamy and Vanishing..…Oh My!

Looking at this photo it looks like a very nice, typical 1900 era family. Here you see a husband and wife with their 8 sons. They had two daughters who ran out of the frame just before the photo was taken. 540 more words


Report: Woman accused of bigamy as she ties knot for 3rd time

MARION, N.C.  (WHNS) — Deputies said a western North Carolina woman is accused of lying to court officials that her most recent marriage was her first as they discovered she had tied the knot two times prior – and was never divorced. 88 more words