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Ranking The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us was a series that started with enormous potential and promise. It introduced a whole new audience to the kind of dark noir fiction that excites me, not to mention introduced even more to the world of Fables. 18 more words

Video Game Review: The Wolf Among Us

Video Game Review: The Wolf Among Us

Telltale made a giant leap into the video game industry in 2012, when it’s five-episode series “The Walking Dead,” based off of Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel series of the same name, was christened “Game of the Year” from an assortment of publications. 602 more words


Wolf Among Us Review

What a brilliant little game by Teltale Games.

I wasn’t really sure how this game was going to end and how I was going to feel about this game. 588 more words


AMV Roundup! The Wolf Among Us-Sin City

On the theme of awesome trailer mashups, this Wolf Among Us video set to the Sin City trailer does the trick. The creator even changed up the coloration to fit the theme, since Sin City had that unique monochromatic/muted color tonality to the cinematography. 47 more words


The Wolf Among Us Concluded

This past week, the fifth and final episode of Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us entitled “Cry Wolf” released for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and other platforms. 644 more words


The Wolf Among Us Review

Following their surprise hit: The Walking Dead, Telltale Studios has garnered a reputation for interesting and heartwarming (and heart wrenching) stories and character development in their episodic game series. 823 more words


AMV Roundup! The Wolf Among Us-Demons

From the very beginning, this song fits the video perfectly, with enough of a driving beat to keep the AMV moving along, but also with enough dark hints to match the gritty city backdrop of the game. 82 more words