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Big Data 3: HashSets

This is part 3 of the Big Data series.

Once we created our list of tokens in part 2, now is the time to make hash sets of those tokens and compare between hash sets (= search). 199 more words


Big Data 2: Tokenization

This is part of 2 of the Big Data series, where I would discuss text analysis and tokenization of strings.

Why do we need this? 593 more words


Big Data 1: Levenshtein Distance

This article begins a new series about Big Data and all that has to do with building business intelligence software. Big Data is a generic term for working with big data sets. 260 more words


IBM CAMS Workshop!! - 2014

IBM had organized a workshop on CAMS @ Bangalore in June 2014. The Agenda of the event was to share the roadmap, vision and offerings from IBM stack perspective w.r.t.  367 more words