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Tons of data are being generated everyday and it is hard to get all the valuable data in a structured way to be easily managed and analysed. 335 more words


Game Set Map: A Cartographer's Guide to Data Visualization in Tennis

Game Set Map

One of the most beautiful and interesting applications of data mining and analytics is Game Set Map – a site dedicated to applying tools like GIS and data visualization to tennis. 206 more words


Charting a New Course: The Importance of Big Data in Tennis

Match Charting

One of the most helpful tools for tennis players in competitive play is having their match charted by a coach or a teammate. Charting a match consists of marking down on a scorecard, point by point, what worked and what didn’t over the course of play. 328 more words


Why the heck do we need SAN (storage area networks) !?

Yes, I know some of you will say SAN (FC, iSCSI, etc.) is here to stay, and in some enterprises storage pros will explain why it’s faster and better and why the high TCO and complexity are inevitable. 1,120 more words


SLC SQL Saturday & Big Mountain Data Attendee Reminder Part 3 of 3

SQL Saturday SLC (#349) & Big Mountain Data

The Big Event is tomorrow and we are super excited! You still have time to forward the event to your friends and let the know. 764 more words


SLC SQL Saturday & Big Mountain Data Attendee Reminder Part 2 of 3

SQL Saturday SLC (#349) & Big Mountain Data

Thank you for registering for SLC SQL Saturday & Big Mountain Data. We will send out 3 emails to all registered attendees over the next 3 days to give you all the important information you need about the conference. 483 more words