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Oracle Big Data Discovery (Face of Hadoop). Webinar Feb 5, 2014

Sign-up here , In Open Wold 2014, Oracle announced a new product called Oracle BigData Discovery the presentation can be checked here. The key features of this infrastructure are: 24 more words


The Boom In Global FinTech Investment

The boom in global financial technology investment has taken off since the great recession of 2008 and is leading all innovation in finance. Companies like… 17 more words


Closer look at Trill from Microsoft Research



In the new era of Big Data, companies are racing to put Big Data systems in place. These systems are essentially the first generation of tightly coupled platforms for inspecting, transforming, storing and modeling business data. 633 more words


Big Data: let’s put it in practice!

In the previous weeks we explained a little bit about Big Data, its benefits and also its obstacles and important steps to implement it. So now, to make sure you are convinced to adopt Big Data to boost your business, we are going to show some examples of companies that are what they are because of using Big Data (the studies cases used can be found… 562 more words


How does the Always On Customer change your business?

This post is by Eric Dupuy, the President of Business Development at Teleperformance EMEA.

I briefly mentioned the ‘always on’ customer in one of my recent blogs. 524 more words

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Drive Your SEO With Westside SEO

SEO is about delivering great content and providing quality information.  Search engine optimization can no longer include stuffing high traffic keywords and phrases. Providing compelling, engaging, informative, relevant and entertaining content is KING! 553 more words

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The paperless project

Eight weeks ago I did something I thought would drive me insane, I gave up using paper at work.

For at least the past twenty years, I have been hearing talk of the “Paperless Office”, where online and digital tools would do away with the need for paper documents and we would all live and work in paperless environments, but it never happened. 1,183 more words

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