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New Fountain of Youth - BigData

We all strive to be young, wild, carefree, daring, and adventurous. When you are young you are not afraid of failure as you have your whole life ahead of you. 640 more words


BigData Lean is Respect for People and Respect for Data

The LEAN principles which have grown and matured to encompass many different toolkits for variety of industries is at the crossroad of innovation to usher in a new world of globally connected economy and accelerating V3(V3 is acronym for volume, velocity, variety)  data. 672 more words


"In Social Business, are we measuring the right things?"

I was skyping with Cheryl Burgess earlier this week and knowing how easy it is to wind me up, she asked me the seemingly innocent question “In Social Business, are we measuring the right things?”. 540 more words

Social Analytics

Great Introduction to Hadoop (Video)

Adam Shook at the SpringOne2GX 2013 in Santa Clara, CA

Big Data Analytics

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Give Away Contest!! Grab a chance to win a free Solr eCopy!!!!!

Book Give-away:

Hold a chance to win free copy of Apache Solr Beginner’s Guide, just by commenting! For the contest we have 3 e-copies of… 133 more words


Hive and Impala

Hive is a high level SQL like language built on MapReduce paradigm to work with data on local disk or in HDFS

hive> create table banklist (bankname STRING, city STRING, st STRING, acquring STRING, closingDate STRING, updateDate STRING)
    > ;
Time taken: 6.366 seconds
hive> show tables
    > ;

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40 Zetabytes and the 99.5%s #BigData

So the headline goes like this: “IoT will propel digital universe past 40ZB by 2020″

Let’s first gather what 40ZB looks like.

40,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (all them zeros!) Or 40 sextillion as it’s more… 39 more words

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