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SIX sparkling features of Apache Spark!

What is Apache Spark? Why there is a serious buzz going-on about this? If you are into BigData analytics business then, should you really care about Spark? 648 more words


Seven best practices to boost big data governance efforts

Many enterprises are walking with their initiatives and projects in BigData without data governance. Sometimes they are waiting for one another approach of data governance for bigdata. 65 more words


A Step in the Framing Phase

In framing your #Analytics Problem, develop a proposed set of drivers and relationships to outputs as well as the key metrics. #datascience

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RISK of Not seeing risk (standard deviation)

Many people focus only on the amount (such as average revenue, time and costs etc.) itself.

On the other hand, average hides how the set of original data looks like (distribute). 105 more words

Data Analysis For Daily Jobs

To Spark … and Beyond!

One of the very exciting thing about Spark is that there is the potential to have one ubiquitous tool to solve my aggregate, machine learning, graph, and other statistical / analytics problems.  695 more words


Knowledge Representation - Self and Other

This knowledge representation, which I made for a presentation in Nürnberg on April 29th, 2013, depicts a partial resonance domain with respect to sentient relation and orientation. 366 more words

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