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Alternating Gender Incongruity

And you thought gender dysphoria was interesting…

“Alternating gender incongruity (AGI)…describes the involuntary change of gender identity, along with perceived phantom sex characteristics, a tendency toward ambidexterity and bipolar disorder, all signs that suggest a biological basis for AGI.” – … 16 more words

Update: transgenders mogen tóch rijden in Rusland

Trangenders, bigenders, aseksuelen en travestieten mogen tóch autorijden in Rusland. Volgens Oleg Salagai, woordvoerder van het Ministerie van Gezondheid, is een mentale of gedragsstoornis geen reden mensen een rijbewijs te ontzeggen. 120 more words


Cloudy with a chance of cold...

Okay, so it’s not cloudy and it’s a lot closer to *holy crap freezing* than merely cold but the title stands (simply because I hate writing titles). 853 more words


Living Trans*: An Actual Bloggy-Blog Post

Dear World,

I don’t make bloggy-blog posts usually. You know, the type that just involve me rambling at you about my life. That wasn’t the content I was aiming for on here, but considering what I’m most looking forward to in 2015, it seemed only appropriate. 382 more words


A change...

“Mom? Can we go shopping please?” Jeremy begged. It was Boxing Day and I had no interest in shopping, let alone battling the hordes looking for post-Christmas deals. 475 more words


Merry Christmas!!!

So far Jeremy’s had an amazing day. Zie loves zir new purple remote control car and cheerfully exclaimed, “Yay, it’s a girl car!” when zie opened it. 58 more words


Silent Night...

I should be in bed. Jeremy’s been in zir room for over an hour now and I’m fully expecting zir to wake me before sunrise. Zie’s so anxiously hopeful about getting a remote control car, to the point where I’m glad I bought it (and remembered batteries) because I’m pretty sure zir Christmas would be crushed without it. 987 more words