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“Mom? Do we really live in a democracy?”

I turned around from brushing my hair and blinked at Jeremy. It wasn’t even 6am and I was barely awake. 699 more words


An Open Letter to Kate Pierson About "Mister Sister"

Dear Kate Pierson,

I am a 21 year old bigender* person (androgyne & female). I have not listened to much of your music besides “Mister Sister”, and after listening to it my chances of listening to or buying any of your music have decreased greatly. 910 more words


Transgender Awareness Day

Today is transgender awareness/remembrance day.

As a person who use to think they knew everything about how it is to feel upset and depressed, I hit a massive learning curb recently since going out as a man and being misgendered repeatedly by uneducated and uncaring people. 474 more words


I feel like I'm losing myself...

We were sitting in my room. Jeremy sprawled on my computer chair, zir feet propped up on my footstool, while I sat cross legged on my bed with Blackie draped across my lap. 1,111 more words


Jeremy's in love...

Zie fell in love at Target and it was infatuation at first sight. At least on Jeremy’s side, I’m pretty sure the toaster was indifferent. 252 more words


School Identification Forms...

Ever since Emma started kindergarten I’ve been getting at least one school identification form home on the first day of school; the second at the very latest. 496 more words


Monday musings...

Jeremy borrowed my phone a few days ago┬áto listen to music. What I didn’t know is zie was listening to a podcast instead of the songs I’ve got downloaded. 797 more words