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I'll start at the beginning, since we are currently.....

…at a new beginning.

Hi, my name is Hart and I’m bipolar.

I was diagnosed bipolar five years ago at the age of 32. Boy was that a shock. 541 more words


Bigender Transition: The Switcheroo Times Two

My employees at work are delighted for some reason when I refer to my transition as “my little switcheroo”. To give perspective, they are equally delighted when I leave for the day and say I’m making like a shepherd and getting the flock out of there. 806 more words


Mostly male with a bit of female...

This is Jeremy’s description of zir gender, repeated word for word. It never changes. It also doesn’t accurately reflect what I see as zir mother. I’m not an expert on raising sons but I’m going to take a guess that most 17 year old boys don’t squeal in delight at the thought of getting vanilla bliss shaving cream for their legs or gasp a delighted “awww” at the sight of their new glittery unicorn cat stuffed animal (it definitely is aww- worthy though). 327 more words


So, that didn't happen...

I made plans to go out last night with a vegan/vegetarian group. It was the night before Jeremy’s big dentist appointment but I didn’t feel bad about leaving zir home alone because Jeremy had plans to see zir Dad. 739 more words



Yesterday was beyond busy. I got home from work and had twenty minutes to get ready before taking Jeremy out to see our family doctor. By the time we got home, I had exactly 25 minutes to eat dinner and get to bed. 291 more words



When I was eleven, one girl that I was close to, used to make fun of my friendship with a guy. She was suggesting that we were homosexual, and I didn’t exactly understand what she was saying at that time. 26 more words


Androgynous vs Androgyne

I’m not androgyne, but I present as androgynous. Presenting as androgynous makes me more comfortable than presenting as masculine or feminine.

I’ve been trying to understand why. 43 more words