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Androgynous vs Androgyne

I’m not androgyne, but I present as androgynous. Presenting as androgynous makes me more comfortable than presenting as masculine or feminine. I’ve been trying to understand why. 43 more words


Some thoughts...

I feel suffocated, it is so infuriating that what was once my key to freedom within society has become this prison that i feel so trapped inside. 1,162 more words


Coming Back

I know I’ve been gone for a long time, and I have no excuse for not writing, but here I go with a new post. 296 more words

Bigender vs. genderfluid

What is the difference between bigender and genderfluid? I’ve seen different explanations:

  1. Bigender as a subset of genderfluid identity. For instance, bigender people with male and female genders never have androgynous gender.
  2. 51 more words