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Photograph SS140706.K2051: An Interpretation

140706.K2.ADDENDUM 01v2

The possibility of pareidolia, or matrixing, cannot be discounted from this perspective. It must be stated, for the purposes of this Addendum, that I did not, at any time, observe any physical creature standing in the woods, watching me. 203 more words


Field Report 02.11.2009: Park City, Utah

FIELD REPORT 02.11.2009

This Report was not published, but notes were taken upon my return to Chicago; as I’ve been updating/organising my Report files, I realised that this, too, was an important source of information. 163 more words


Field Report 05.16.2014: Area D (with Addenda)

FIELD REPORT 05.16.2014

Evidence for the presence of DM at Area D is presented in combination, and in context of previous experiences at this location. Until this visit, however, no definitive statement had been made. 683 more words


Field Report 08.11.2013: Area K

FIELD REPORT 08.11.2011v3

I’ve updated this Report and made some slight modifications and corrections; I’ve also offered some followup analyses of one of the photographs, with some background details I had not previously noticed. 126 more words


Field Report 06.15.2014: Area K2

FIELD REPORT 06.15.2014

Review of the information gathered on this trip must be viewed in combination; viewed alone, it is inconclusive and incomplete, albeit based only upon a short visit to the area. 423 more words


Area D: Two Very Similar Prints

Photograph #SS140421.D046; taken April 21, 2014 at Area D.

Photograph #SS111113.D088; taken November 13, 2011 at Area D.

Upon my initial review of Photograph #SS140421.D046, something…puzzled me.  308 more words