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Field Report 08.10.2011: Area K

FIELD REPORT 08.10.2011v2

The events of August, 2011 at Area K will remain etched in my mind, forever.  A pair of up-close, direct visual sightings, within ten minutes of each other, was followed the next day by a series of remarkable, up-close encounters with at least two, if not three EC, all within half an hour. 105 more words


Field Report 12.2013: Orange County


2013 came to a close with a series of incidents, some quite unusual, at Mum’s house in Orange County, California; regrettably, I did not have sufficient time to investigate these fully, as my schedule was quite full.  133 more words


Addendum: Sensory Phenomena at Area D

ADDENDUM 11.18.2013av2

Completion of my written Report for Area D, November 18, 2013, presented experiences of sensory phenomena remarkably similar to those experienced during previous visits, as outlined below. 125 more words


Field Report 11.18.2013: Area D

FIELD REPORT 11.18.2013

2013 came to a tremendous close for investigations and field work, with my last trip to Area D for the year; I did not return until February 2014, when even more strange things happened. 168 more words


Are Bigfeet Nephilim - Is Bigfoot Nephilim?

I just read a blog entry which claims that bigfeet are not Nephilim because Nephilim weren’t hairy. Where does the Bible say that? No where. In fact it’s known that at least one famous person in the Bible was very hair, like a fur covered animal, Esau. 465 more words


Field Report 06.06.2011: Area K

FIELD REPORT 06.06.2011v2

June 6, 2011 marked the beginning of a new chapter in my research history: I was invited to Area K for the first time, and also spent another day in the field with Dr Igor Bourtsev.  174 more words


Field Report 06.05.2011: Watson Hill Farm

FIELD REPORT 06.05.2011v2

The investigation of June 5, 2011 at Watson Hill Farm in central Michigan was notable in two aspects:  I was introduced to, and subsequently spent time with, Dr Igor Bourtsev, and I began to develop an enthusiasm for the documentation, analysis and interpretation of branch assemblies, which has propelled my enthusiasm ever since. 131 more words