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Runners are lovers, not haters.

A couple weeks ago I ran The Biggest Loser 5k.  (I also came in 2nd place in my age group for the first time!)  This is a run/walk race sponsored by some former contestants of The Biggest Loser.   346 more words

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Wading through the Purgatory of PTSD

I usually do not watch The Biggest Loser, but it caught my eye while I was checking in to get points for Viggle last night.  I couldn’t stop watching it. 4,491 more words


Follow Friday: Stop Weight Loss Competitions in the Workplace

Not long after I started my current job I had a few people ask me to spearhead a “Biggest Loser” program for staff. I declined to do so as I don’t feel that such an approach to weight (and weight loss) is healthy. 25 more words

Biggest Loser week 1 and my watching musings.

I know I know,  played out right? Wrong. This season is full of new trainers and the season is all about former athletes. We still have Dolvett. 325 more words

The Biggest Loser w/o my girl Jillian

I’m currently watching the biggest loser premiere.  This has been a show that my college roommate and I have watched literally for forever.  I remember watching it when I was in shape and being SO motivated by the trainers then, and telling myself it would be impossible for  me to ever consider myself overweight. 181 more words


A Half-Marathon, 100 LBS Gone, and a Bunch of Sappy Stuff!

Let me start this post by saying that this past week has been the best week of my life. In less than seven days I reached two of the very main goals that I set out for myself when I began my weight loss journey. 1,230 more words

A weekend walk/jog and a new program

Friday I had a blood test (just a finger poke) and my results numbers were below where they should have been, so I was a bit down on Friday.   225 more words