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Special Snowflake Illusions: Lawyer Edition

So this last couple weeks, my life has been turned a little upside down. But not as much as my friend, Mark’s, life has. Mark was moving to California from the East Coast, and stopped in Nashville along the way. 905 more words

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More Legal Services Disruption (A.K.A. The Death of BigLaw?)

All right, it doesn’t really portend the death of BigLaw exactly. Anyways, you can read about it here. Roland Vogl of Stanford’s CodeX comments on one of the latest developments in legal industry disruption. 8 more words


Compassion for the Asshole Lawyers in Your Life

I imagine your first reaction to the concept of compassion for the asshole lawyers surrounding you is “Are you fucking kidding me? They are making my life a living hell, and I’m supposed to feel sorry for them?” Well, not exactly. 1,410 more words

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The Myth of BigLaw Quality

BigLaw has a Big Problem.  Really Big.  Big Big. Pull the plug Big. End of an era Big.  Okay, enough already, we get it. Just tell us what the problem is.   1,085 more words

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A recent survey, “What Courses Should Law Students Take? Harvard’s Largest Employers Weigh In?” by Harvard Law School Professors John Coates, Jesse Fried, and Kathryn Spier, has assumed a life that its sponsors never intended. 798 more words

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How Skillful Are You At Mediation?

Beyond Biglaw: Mediation Matters (Part 1), by Gaston Kroub, Above The Law Blog


Mediation. For some lawyers, it is a great way to spend a day; for others, it is an interminable bore, and ineffective to boot.

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