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Ropes & Gray makes it easier to be productive out of the office

Ok, I already hear the grumbling…

But, if you are at BigLaw, you work hard. Very hard.

You know this. Your friends, family, and significant others know this. 187 more words


The Summer Reading List for Miserable Lawyers Who Want to Change

It’s officially summer, though here in the South, it has been dripping hot for at least 6 weeks, probably more. The heat and particularly the humidity long ago fried my brain. 2,211 more words

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Legal Job Market Continues To Improve

The Wall Street Journal reported today that the legal job market in the United States continues to improve and that it is expected to improve further over the next few years.  236 more words

Jumping Without a Parachute: The Lawyer Approach to Getting Shit Done

When the work starts to pile on, lawyers not only fail to put on their oxygen masks, they head for the cabin door, rip it open, and jump out. 1,769 more words

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On . . . Quarter-Life Crises.

Hi, I’m Ashley. I am 25 years old, and I have absolutely no idea what I want to be when I grow up. Yes, I have a… 1,211 more words