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My Guy!

This Is The Problem … We Are Using Two Or Three Examples To Justify A Generalization, That’s Actually The Definition Of Bigotry”  ~ Reza Aslan… 17 more words

"he sat morosely contemplating"

Have you ever written, or even come close to writing, a post that was “too long”? I have. I just spent the last couple hours doing it. 293 more words

Norse Paganism and Bigotry

As I write this post, I am pretty angry.  I had taken a break from this blog, but it didn’t mean that I stopped writing on the subject, my explorations just became more private.   747 more words

Perils of Being Scotlish

Nearly 2 weeks have passed since the Scottish Referendum. I’ve not posted anything about it on here because for the past couple of months I’ve been writing most nights, for most of the night, back and forth in private messages about it on Facebook and emails. 955 more words



I am of an age where I sometimes remember things that happened years ago better than I remember what I had for breakfast, or even what I intended to do when I walked into this room.   1,176 more words