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The latest travesty of justice

Luke O’Donovan was attacked by a group of men shouting homophobic slurs at him, One of those men had also been caught on video participating in another attack, against a transgender woman. 74 more words


White People and the Bigger Ferguson Picture

The events that are occurring in Ferguson are important to all of us.  Not should be.  Are.  The very least we can do as allies is stay informed as events move forward.  1,502 more words

Human Behavior

There Are Moral And Legal Limits To Free Speech: Online Bigotry Needs Policing

Anonymous bigots should be exposed for what they are, hideous trolls. They shouldn’t be given the oxygen of publicity, says Eusebius McKaiser. 1,187 more words

"Christian Zionists:" "A Brood of Vipers," "Hypocrites" & War Mongers!

Here is another pertinent video from Zen Gardner.com. If you skip ahead, which I did, please watch the last three minutes, at the least:


'I'm just going to say it': David Limbaugh asks a question about liberalism and racism

Exactly my point. RT @Citizen72521: @DavidLimbaugh Not only insulting, but the purest form of racism. The presumption of inferiority.—
David Limbaugh (@DavidLimbaugh) …

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26 Questions No One Should Answer

A little while ago a fellow blogger over at Write Accountable, came across an interesting little list called, “26 Questions No One Should Answer” 2,516 more words