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What Is That On Hill Over Yonder?

In New Hampshire this weekend, an occupy-style St. Patrick’s day drunken flash-mob of a riot happened.  It sure looks like it was a good ol’ time for the under 21 dorm ramen and cheap beer crowd.  689 more words

News Of The Magnanimous

We came out of the womb of darkness ...

We will not be prayed or legislated away – we will not be robbed of our potentials, our humanness or the right to love and be loved or the right to marry whom we love or our right to raise a family. 716 more words

Social Justice

A Sad History of Hollow Stump, Griffen’s Creek, Cross Plains, Patona, Piedmont – My Hometown

In 1870, a scant five years after the “Unpleasantries Between the States” the course of the history of Piedmont, Alabama, my hometown took a decided turn for the worse. 1,208 more words


Off Topic: Religous Bigotry and Wordpress

It’s 2014: C’mon, People!

In my quest of searching for One Lovely Blog nominations, I came across a pretty sad state of affairs: yet more people bashing Halloween (and everything non-monotheistic, of course). 186 more words


Why do Democrats fight voter ID?

Writing at PJ Media, former DoJ election law attorney J. Christian Adams argues that it isn’t so much because they want to cheat (1… 525 more words


The Dark Side to "Enlightened" Writing

I just made a critical error on Twitter. I came across a link to a blog article entitled “Gay Mafia in the Catholic Church” and out of curiosity, had to open it up and read it. 577 more words