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Diversity- contd

Mark Steyn’s has a new post on his site that touches on the subject in my previous post. His is entitled: The Reformation of Manners, 361 more words

Social Commentary

Free Keene candidate racist commentary; Ian brags about embarassing endorsement

Dave Crawford – Free Keene toady and candidate for Rep. of Keene – evidently believes concepts of “freedom” don’t apply to people of color and their ability to be free of disgusting and derogatory slurs. 204 more words


In the past, I have more than once deplored our dependence on celebrity spokespersons to tell our stories, despite the eloquence that women like (say) 168 more words

Transgender 101

Conversion Therapy Survivor Alleges Sexual Abuse During Treatment| Gay News | Towleroad

I threw up reading this.  I am so sorry for this person the young man he was.  He trusted his parents and his church people and they RAPED him.   442 more words


Daily Caller Column Blames Gay Service Members For Rise In Military Rape | Blog | Media Matters for America

I love it, really love it that a guy claiming that homosexuals are all lying and being deceptive, is PROVEN to lie in the very same article.   44 more words


WATCH: Men Claim Mailman Won't Deliver Because They're Gay | Advocate.com

I got a feeling the post office at the local level wont do anything about this.  The mail carrier feels secure enough to do this publicly and it wouldn’t surprise me if he has not destroyed some of the mail for these people.   23 more words