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Is race baiting leading to violence?

At the University of Alabama a scare recently hit the campus with a threat of gun violence. The university’s news publication Crimson White reports on the incident here: … 486 more words


California: Gay Wedding Interrupted By Man Shouting 'Go Home Homos!' — VIDEO| Gay News | Towleroad

How can anyone even think that this is a proper thing to do.  My thoughts go along the line how would they feel if some tried to ruin their special day.  201 more words


Arizona Christian Group Says Same-Sex Marriage Will Lead To Less Heterosexual Marriages - VIDEO| Gay News | Towleroad

OK I keep going over and over this.   Can these people just get it through their heads that people have been hooking up and getting married for a very long time because of love.  260 more words


Rights of same-sex military spouses vary by state

Again this shows how the disparaging different marriage laws really do hurt the children of same sex couples as well as the couples them selves.  Now I hear all the time people yelling about supporting the troops, well how is this supporting the troops when their legally recognized federal marriage is ignored by a state.   80 more words


And The Sniveling Children Strike Again--Ranting on the "Men's Rights" Movement

Fair warning, I’m going to get angry and use some very strong language (if you’ve read my blog before, you’d know this, but for those newcomers, this is your first, last, and only warning). 612 more words


I'm A Church Member

I am a church member;
One who sits in that back pew scratching his head and growling like a monster
I will not comply with those that call themselves pastors… 441 more words


Trouble in Libertopia?: A Sympathetic FSP Member Shares Interesting Screenshots

Thanks to “Boston Strong’s” video, it looks like Chris Cantwell’s fat gob just got him booted from another FSP-affiliated group and has the rest of the Liberturdian crowd at each other’s throats.  401 more words