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On Being THE ONLY LATINA on a Rural College Campus

To be honest, I didn’t move up to Plumas County thinking I was going to be the only Latina/o teaching on a rural college campus. It didn’t occur to me that there would be a shortage of us on campus because I’d never been on a high school or college campus where Latinas were that kind of invisible. 1,832 more words

It's Time for Marvel to Give Us Captain REAL America!

I don’t know if you saw the news recently, gentle readers, but it looks like Marvel is under the thumb of some evil progressive agenda.   699 more words

Marvel Comics

Watch: "The Heterosexuality Experiment"

Do young straight guys understand the definition of “heterosexuality” or are they so homophobic that it all blends together into one giant dictionary of bigotry? That’s what YouTuber Joseph Costello set out to figure out on the streets of Austin. 29 more words


Defined by others

Do you want to be defined by others? If so, keep “the enemy” always in mind as a bugaboo, but don’t try to understand him. Never notice that he refuses to be defined by others. 307 more words


Why do we need all those damn Latinos anyway?

Chicanos, Mexicans, Latinos, Hispanics, Mexican Americans, Spanish Americans, it’s all so confusing, what do I call them anyway?  Why can’t they just take a simple name like we do: Gringos?  2,031 more words

Why I Loathe the Concept of Political Correctness

As a proponent of progressive politics and a devout socialist, some are surprised–or worse, actually disappointed–to hear that I routinely decry the concept of political correctness (or, for all of us lazy typists and acronym-lovers–“PC,” not to be confused with the abbreviation for “personal computer,” a.k.a., any computer not manufactured by Apple, which is most of them, but let’s get back to the subject at hand before I end up going on one of my infamous off-topic tangents). 7,770 more words

My Rants

Goats and Soapboxes

There are some things that really do upset me, try as I might not to let them. Xenophobia is one of those things.

Xenophobia: intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries.

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