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On the Vine

Day 37. 94 pages, 42,839 words.

Here’s something interesting I’ve found in my week or two on Vine.

Okay, first of all, they’re kids. They’re all kids. 778 more words

Hatboy's Nuggets Of Crispy-Fried Wisdom

This is your brain on racism: Inside the mind of modern bigotry - Salon.com

We as a nation are still dealing with bigotry and racism…..for that I found this article that is very good read…..if you are interested in the subject then I suggest that you check out this piece……it is so sad that we are still dealing with this as a major issue…….you would think we could move past that by now….. 15 more words


CCRF Chair Confronts Toronto Star Writer on Anti-Faith Bigotry

TORONTO – The chair of a noted human rights organization has taken to task a Toronto Star journalist over alleged anti-religious bigotry in a recent article. 159 more words

That Oppressive Feeling

A really good couple of posts have been going up at the excellent Crooked Timber blog on the issue of tolerance and bigotry. They make some really interesting points about the rhetorical (and, amazingly, … 865 more words

Unchanging Heaven

(With apologies to Maya Angelou* and Jane Urquart**)

Karen McLaughlin

How unsettling to read Angelou then Urquart:

Angelou, blackness in the bone:

“…the rust upon the razor that threatens the throat. 276 more words

Transgender 101

"Our 'Real' America": Whiteness Is Still A Proxy For Being American

Anyone can make a fool of himself. So it’s tempting to dismiss last Thursday’s mega-gaffe by Florida Representative Curt Clawson as indicative of nothing more than the fallibility of the human brain. 799 more words


Morning Mashup 07/28

Israel, Gaza, Divine Right, and John Piper – Matt Smethurst of The Gospel Coalition writes a compelling and important article for Christians thinking through the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. 501 more words