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Same as it Ever Was: Anti-Semitism in the Ukraine

I am a Jew. I was confirmed in the Episcopal Church, attended a Jesuit college, know The Lord’s Prayer and The Nicene Creed by heart and have never been inside a synagogue for any other purpose besides watching a friend or relative get bar or bat mitzvahed, but still I am a Jew. 960 more words

International Affairs

Is history repeating?

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it – George Santayana

I believe it’s common knowledge that the Jewish people have faced hatred and persecution throughout history. 184 more words


"I Don't See _____, I See People" Or The Dangers of Denying Diversity

(Warning: I am delving into a discussion of diversity, politics, anti-semetism, and more. I do so with only the intent of exploring my complicated feelings on the subject, in light of a lot of activities going on lately in the world. 1,748 more words

Anti-Christian Bigots Target Clemson Football Program

Something called the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has sent a demand letter to Clemson University regarding its football program. It appears head coach Dabo Swinney… 508 more words


Hate Where Hate Deserves

It has been well said that loathing is like swallowing poison and expecting the object of your ire to sicken. Both religious and secular people have warned us against hatred as an inherently and exclusively destructive entity; a force capable only of tearing down and never building up. 1,044 more words


Ole white guys ...

… and the women that support them.

Let me start this off by saying, I am married to one (well, he will be soon) and am the daughter of another, so clearly I love some of these people. 2,212 more words


"The Oldest Hatred, Forever Young": When Hatred Is Loosed, We’re All In The Crossfire

Most of the hate crimes in the United States don’t take the fatal form that the shootings in Kansas over the weekend did, and most aren’t perpetrated by villains as bloated with rage and blinded by conspiracy theories as the person accused in this case, Frazier Glenn Miller. 764 more words