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The Difference Between Kids Of The 80s And Kids Of Today

Life is different for kids today. With social media and 350 different entertainment options, the way kids spend their time, learn, and interact with their friends is totally different from what life used to be like. 283 more words


Cool Gear

I found this in an Active Cyclist gear review.  I just bought a pair of Smith Optics sunglasses to ride in and liked them very much.  220 more words

But what about the chilllllldren?

I once knew a right-wing-whackjob from Clarendon, Texas, who ran the local paper. It was called the Clarendon Enterprise, and you might think that the name was a testament to the free market glory hole. 1,742 more words


It's all in your head

New York State Law requires children under 14 to wear a helmet.  If you are older than that, it is up to you.  That raises the question: to ride with a helmet or without? 476 more words