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Give Back, Give Light, Give BackLight Project

Some time ago a friend in our bike group, BIKEtas, conceptualized this project to give out bicycle reflectors to the daily bike commuters of Davao City, noticing that most of them did not wear helmets and mostly were not very visible to motorists. 


Living life in the Trash Lane

The reemergence of the bicycle as a means of both exercise and transportation in the United States is also being experienced here in Kansas City. Most of the time it is met with honking by motorists at inappropriate and inopportune times (the ones most likely to startle the cyclist into a dangerous swerve that could cause an accident), or by comments like the one I received earlier this week — “Go buy a ****ing car!”. 450 more words


New Design Helps Bikers at Intersections

One of the biggest challenges for biking in cities is the intersection.

Liz Stinson writes at Wired, “Biking through a city can feel like navigating a video game staked upon your life. 282 more words

Improving Manchester's streets for everyone

In the past we’ve looked at ways to transform Canal and Bedford Streets into a vibrant urban boulevard, but today we’re taking a look at a more budget-friendly way to make streets throughout the city–and by extension the neighborhoods around them–better places not just for cars, but for everyone. 1,001 more words


Excessive Road Width Encourages Speeding into School Zones

Much has been said about Chicago’s desire to raise revenue and increase safety on City roads by installing speed cameras at parks and schools around Chicago. 468 more words

Bicycle Infrastructure

The Gaggle Grows

My friend the Glassmaker is in town for a while having reconstruction fun performed on her knee, again. The first time she was out here for such surgery the country was still reeling from the financial crisis and San Francisco in particular was still experiencing fallout from the dot-bomb. 232 more words