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Day 177 - Bike Rack

Try to
Lock me fast,
Chain me to
Cold metal,
Keep me there,
Hold me still
To wait for
Your footfall.
But do you
Believe that… 37 more words

What's the Story with NYC's Designy Bike Racks?

If you’ve walked around New York City you may have noticed a subtle design detail in the form of these circular bike racks.  A specimen pictured above is in the Brooklyn Museum.   258 more words

New York

Rodgau again

wildboarhunter released another yarnbomb for me – thank you!

Yarnitic Yarn Bombs

Ein Gruß aus Rodgau (Frankfurt)

wildboarhunter from Rodgau released two of my yarnbombs there – thanks a lot!

Yarnitic Yarn Bombs

Bike Riding by the Numbers

I thought about writing this post last weekend when it actually happened, but found myself still (humorously) traumatized by the event, and wanted to avoid re-living it for the time being. 732 more words



I made this video on October 19, 2011 while living in Worcester, MA.

It’s kinda’ sad how much of my rain routine hasn’t changed.  The one positive sign of learning, is my foot solution. 37 more words

Car Free