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Autumn Weather: A Change In The Cycle

With the weather turning chilly and the trees changing colour, it may be a time for you to turn a new leaf concerning your cycling routine. 564 more words

Cycle Insurance

Cycling as a wedge issue.

From Wikipedia

A wedge issue, when introduced, is intended to bring about such things as:

  • A debate, often vitriolic, within the opposing party, giving the public a perception of disarray.
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Bike Safety

California's Bike Safety Law

As someone who rides his bike up and down Crenshaw Blvd. every day, I am rejoicing in a California law that will require drivers to stay three feet away from bicyclists when passing. 434 more words

It's all in your head

New York State Law requires children under 14 to wear a helmet.  If you are older than that, it is up to you.  That raises the question: to ride with a helmet or without? 476 more words


'Scoops for Safety' a Sweet Deal for Santa Clarita Youth

It’s back to school in Santa Clarita, which means local youth will be riding bikes, scooters and skateboards and more to school. To promote community safety, the… 189 more words


How to Not Kill Yourself while Commuting 101

On my first Monday here I was involved in my first bike accident; which, was, you know, a nice adrenaline experience.

Cruising harmlessly up a residential one-way, thankfully not going too fast, I aimlessly checked out the quality of the cars parallel parked to my right. 250 more words

Bike Safety in Atlanta

I had a scare on the road this week during my morning commute. While driving on I-20 in Atlanta, I witnessed an “almost accident.” A motorcyclist was going with the flow of traffic when the car to his left started to move over into his lane. 281 more words

Motor Vehicle Collisions