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October 17 2014 - Today's Ride

Left the house: 7:22 AM

Arrived at work: 7:45 AM

AM Temperature: 2 degrees C

Weather: Getting colder. My grass was all sparkly with frost and by the time I was in the city it was -2 degrees C. 684 more words


Transit Thursday: Improving Bike Saftey

On Tuesday we talked about multimodal transportation and the importance of recognizing it as a an alternative to driving your car. It’s not a battle between public transit and personal vehicles. 190 more words


October 15 2014 - Today's Ride

Today’s Ride

Left the house: 7:24 AM

Arrived at work: 7:50 AM

AM Temperature: 5 degrees C

Weather: It was frosty and damp. 357 more words


Safety and Bike Bells (or "How to Pimp Your Bike", if safety is just too square for you)

So yeah. Let’s talk about bicycle bells. They’re bright and shiny and make noise – that is their purpose. They are also mandatory. It is a law that you must have a bell on your bike. 905 more words

Bike Community

Scary tales from Manhattan

I’ve been traveling recently and not able to take the time to post as often as I’d like. But when I was in NYC on a combination business and pleasure trip a week or so ago, I was told by friends about a woman who was hit and killed by a bicyclist in Central Park in September. 801 more words

Diary Entries

But what about the chilllllldren?

I once knew a right-wing-whackjob from Clarendon, Texas, who ran the local paper. It was called the Clarendon Enterprise, and you might think that the name was a testament to the free market glory hole. 1,742 more words


3 Feet, Sidewalks, and the Crazy Things People Say

Last week, a new law too effect in California requiring drivers to give cyclists three feet of space when passing. For all the complaints from drivers, there is nothing really new about the law. 1,105 more words

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