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In the spirit of Tour de France

bicycle means simplicity and simplicity means happiness

Mehmet Ildian
Slick bike shops are easy to come by, but every once in a while a shop with a sense of character, history and soul comes your way.

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How to get a job at a bike shop: Part 1

Having been in the bike industry for many years now, I tend to get asked a lot of questions pertaining to working in a bike shop. 604 more words


Firemen, Police Officers, and Bike Shop Owners... Oh my!

We left Olympia in our traditional late fashion. The orgasmically comfortable pillows and a general tendency towards slothiness (not a word apparently) meant we didn’t hit the road until around noon, and of course we needed to stop to buy some beer and get some coffee in Olympia. 1,471 more words

It's not about the bike

People often ask me what kind of bike they should get. That is both and easy question and a hard question at the same time. 1,081 more words


Kinoko Closing Down

I can still remember doing a blog about kinoko cycles opening and I’m sad to say I’m doing a blog about it closing down! The shop was so amazing it was big and had everything that you need, but to be on a level I kinda miss Tokyo fixed that’s where I got all my parts for my first ever fixed bike and the people there are awesome. 387 more words

Rad London!

Mottainai Cycles: Vintage Bicycle Restoration, Custom Builds, Sales and Service

It doesn’t feel like so long since we last felt the cool grip of winter but sure enough it’s here now. However the cold weather hasn’t stopped Melbourne’s hardcore cycle commuters and it hasn’t stopped Melbourne’s hardcore vintage bike mechanics at Mottainai either! 368 more words

Vintage Bikes

Review: Creator Bike Shop and Cafe Part 3 (Set 31026)

This review is of build number 3 from this set – the flower shop. For all the details of this set, and a look at the minifigures, check out my… 539 more words