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Old memories: Me in Comedy TV :0)

Een voordeel van verhuizen is dat je altijd weer leuke en mooie herinneringen tegen komt. Ooit nog in een comedyserie gespeeld “Schiet mij maar lek” met Peter Lusse, weet je nog? 41 more words

Jolanda Beuving

The Urge to Eat.

An urge to eat may feel like a ‘need’ but it NEVER is. It’s always a ‘want.’ Telling yourself you need to eat is an excuse to give in. 269 more words

Counting Calories is Time Consuming.

Counting calories is time consuming, yes. But what’s your goal? Is it to be as inconvenienced as little as possible, or is it to transform your body? 20 more words


While overindulging might feel good at the moment, being at your body goal feels good every second of every day. Remind yourself of how hard you need to work if you keep on having cheat meals.  164 more words

It's Not Okay to Eat.

It’s NOT okay to eat food that isn’t on your plan, so stop giving yourself reasons & excuses to do so. Because if you do, you send yourself the message that it’s okay to not do what you planned on doing.  382 more words

Diary of an IFBB Bikini Competitor - Week 1-3

I’m so excited to be prepping for my third competition!

My first was great, but super low calories and endless cardio left me ‘skinny’ results… 432 more words

Clean Eating

The Start of a Work Week.

To most people, Monday is the start of a work week or a school week. Choosing to start a diet on a weekend or a day when you usually start to relax from a busy week can make you feel like you’re punishing yourself. 80 more words