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Is this healthy?

The question I am undoubtedly asked most is, ‘is this healthy?’ As soon as people find out I study nutrition they immediately start pointing to things and asking the inevitable question.


The Most Revolutionary thing you can do is LOVE your body

So first I’d like to say that I don’t think any mom wants to be Fat. All moms have their period of time where they just don’t care anymore. 496 more words

Bikini Ready

Love This!

Good article with a good message. Especially #7.

Bikini Ready?


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So very true! Although you'll see me weigh in every morning, you also should know I tend to go by how I feel and how my jeans fit. I have that size 8 in my closet ready to be worn! Featured Image -- 30

In 3-2-1...let's get these summer bodies Ladies!!!

Okay, so you may still have snow up to your eyeballs but it is never too early to start tweaking your body for that bikini you have your eye on. 252 more words


Time to loose the baby weight

This did not, I repeat DID NOT happen in 5 days.  Not possible to shed 60 lbs of weight in 5 days, but when I started thinking of small steps I could take to get to my goal, 5 was the magic number.   237 more words

21 Day Fix - Day 2.5

Today is the 2nd day for the eating plan, and 3rd day for the workout (which I loved). Right now, I’m very hungry and trying to think what late night healthy snack I can eat before I scarf down a pound of bacon (j/k, kinda)… I’m still not drinking enough water. 242 more words