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Get Bikini Ready FOR the Pool AT the Pool with this Workout!

The weekend is upon us, summer is in full swing, and cool water is calling your name. But wait- water means swimsuit… swimsuit means… oh no, all my bits will be on display for all the world to see. 580 more words


Baring Summer Skin - Soap & Glory

I’m not saying my body is bikini ready, but this little gem helps.  I’ve been applying it to my tummy and thighs and have noticed my skin becoming smoother and firmer. 29 more words

Body Care

Supermodels Reveal Their Bikini Body Secrets (Just In Case You Were Curious)

I don’t know about you, but I know there is no chance–I repeat: no chance–that this bod of mine will ever look like a Victoria’s… 147 more words


Your Ultimate Home Gym:

If you have ever thought of creating a home gym, here are your essentials! I’ve ranked these items in order of importance. Don’t worry about getting everything at once. 804 more words


How I Beat the Bloat. My Secrets to a Bikini-Ready, Flatter Tummy, in a Few Days.

How I Beat the Bloat. My Secrets to a Bikini-Ready, Flatter Tummy, in a Few Days.

 Living in South Florida it’s always a constant “Hey let’s have a pool party here” or  “Hey let’s go to the beach there.”  Well when people say those phrases the only thing I hear is BIKINI.   442 more words

Bikini Ready! Tame and Manage Unwanted Hair for Smooth Summer Skin:)

With the beautiful summer fun comes the ugly torture of removing unwanted hair! This is something that every women dreads during the summer months when we often wear less and expose ourselves more. 1,154 more words


My start to the 10 week challenge

This morning I woke up and felt good. With only 10 weeks left till my trip to Australia, I started to look for a 10 week workout challenge. 164 more words

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