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The Impossible Sticker Chart

Bikram yoga is pretty well known for their 30 day challenges (go 30 times in 30 days), but that is simply unreasonable for me to attempt with a job, toddler, husband, unless they offered like 5am classes and that would be ridiculous anyway. 594 more words


I Have No Sugar Cravings

Now I must admit I did not see this coming. I love sugar/maple syrup/raw honey/fruit/desserts/juices/sweets in general and I used to eat massive quantities of sugar each day. 279 more words


Workout Clothing: Not Just for Skinny People

Over the course of the past few months people have asked me where I buy my clothes, more specifically they ask where I purchase my workout gear. 658 more words

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga: Music Class

Bikram Yoga Music Class?  What?

Yes, you heard it.  Our studio is trying out something different and playing music while we do our yoga class.  Unfortunately we missed the class where they had a live guitarist playing during the class.   943 more words


Horses best left buried

Yoga has taught me an awful lot about healing and recovery, and given me a unique insight into my voices and the way they operate. 343 more words


"Other" yoga

At first it felt a little like cheating.

Are you going to Bikram?” They’d ask.

“Umm. No. Other Yoga.” I’d respond, nervously picking at the edge my yoga mat. 441 more words


Yoga Lessons

I have recently taken up hot yoga again, as I have decided to continue to live with my parents for another year and save money towards a downpayment. 349 more words