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The Conspiracy – Halloween Horror Month Movie Spectacular 2014 Day 21

The Conspiracy is a mockumentary (I will never like that word) about two documentary filmmakers making a documentary about conspiracy theories and themselves getting drawn in to the world of conspiracies. 106 more words


Opinion - How long can HK keep on squandering? - People's Daily Online - John Gelmini

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I tend to agree with Dr Alf. The people of Hong Kong have never had it so good and the protests about the Chinese Government drawing up shortlists of candidates for the post of… 296 more words


Opinion - Yazidi Islamic - State Kidnapping Victim Decribes Nine Days of Horror - SPIEGEL ONLINE - John Gelmini

Dr Alf speaks of it being time to “revisit President Obama’s Middle East strategy”.

Sadly, one cannot revisit something which didn’t exist in the first place, even assuming that the patrician, useless and out of his depth, President Obama, was capable of dreaming one up in the first instance. 329 more words


Is the Bilderberg Group Behind Ebola?

Alfred Webre asks?  Is the Bilderberg Group behind Ebola? were all in attendance at May 2014 Copenhagen Bilderberger Meeting]  What is your evaluation?  Why should not all Bilderbergers be arrested immediately on probable cause for conspiracy to commit genocide? 24 more words