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The MH17 Deception Exposed - Fake Passports/ Decomposited Bodies/ Fake Research Team

  1. Ukraine’s False Flag Plane Shoot Down – With Hillary ‘Benghazi’ Clinton Double Speak

    Ukraine’s False Flag Plane Shoot Down

    Progressive Jews Disrupt Zionist Semitic Rally Supporting Israel and Genocide – Judaism is not Zionism.

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Re: No More Silence The Native Youth Sexual Health Network and Families of Sisters in Spirit

shared CBC Aboriginal‘s photo.


The Prosecution has also received an affidavit from Rev. Kevin Annett, ITCCS Field Secretary, that connects his own victimization by church and state in Canada with his discovery of the activity of NINTH CIRCLE members at Indian residential schools across Canada, and with the continued murder of indigenous women and children by this Circle on the west coast of Canada. 141 more words

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From Beyond The Illusion The Truth Resonates:

Truth is retold in story and song becoming present, and thus alive. From the great story teller lives Truth. From the Propaganda Mongers lives another truth. 14 more words


New World Order Train System in US

  1. New World Order Train System. It Goes to the black dot city areas where people can live in tiny rooms stack and packed high rises. No one can live where they want any more or even own land.

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Is There Blood On Your Hands?

  1. I watch the blind with eyes, keep putting their praise for the Politics of the fake queens British Empire New World Order and I am like WOW, all the blood on their hands!

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