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California Puts More Attention on Long-Term English-Language Learners - Learning the Language - Education Week

Way to go California – recognising that being a language learner lasts a lot longer than the 1-2 years support usually given. It’s a first step in narrowing the gap between those-who-can in the school language and those-who-can’t… now let’s follow it up with Mother Tongue/first language teaching in schools, and models that promote positive bilingualism rather than shift to monolingualism, and with proper training for all staff – teaching and non-teaching – that work with these pupils!

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My Book Review about Translanguaging

If you are interested in a summary about what Translanguaging is, how it manifests in bilingual speech, and a little about how teachers can empower students through the use of 2 or more languages, click on the link below. 9 more words

Language:Culture Expression & Identity

4 things a parent should consider when choosing a preschool

What should a parent consider when choosing a preschool?

First, a parent should understand the brain of a young child (0-7ish years old) is fabulously different. 692 more words

Charleston Bilingual Academy

The Wonders and Urgency of Strong Teacher-Family Collaboration

By Oscar Cielos

Do you ever stop and reflect after a few years of teaching what or who’s influenced you the most? Has it been the hours of staff development behind you? 1,144 more words


Proxtalker: The Adaptable AAC for Bilingual Students

The Proxtalker is a static display voice output device created for a child named Logan, who was diagnosed with autism.  Logan was mastering PECS but experiencing some difficulty transitioning to a dynamic display device.   300 more words

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