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Court Decisions that led to Bilingual Education Programs

In my last post, I talked about the benefits of implementing Bilingual education programs in schools and how it benefits students academically. Students who are given the opportunity to attend school with a Dual Language program, are able to receive their education in their native language, while still learning English. 387 more words

The Charleston Bilingual Academy Story (3 of 3)

At the age of 35, I have lived long enough to know I do not want my life dedicated to money. Money is not a purpose, it does not introduce me to invisible strangers who live noble lives, it does not run to my door when I come home and throw its arms around me, and it definitely does not give besitos. 468 more words

Bilingual Education

The Charleston Bilingual Academy Story (2 of 3)

In Caracas, I met a culture where strangers are brought home and given a traditional dinner… week after week. as a result, I entered casa after casa, eating in red, yellow, purple and orange kitchens.   274 more words

Bilingual Education

The Charleston Bilingual Academy Story (1 of 3)

“Hey, let’s go create an inner city private school named Charleston Bilingual Academy. Then we will strategically target all ethnicities and socioeconomic statuses.  Oh, and let’s do it in the heart of the South.”  Hmmmm, I have definitely met with some business savvy people who have looked me in the eye and wondered if I am crazy. 317 more words

Bilingual Education

TBT: Language Philosophy Midterm - Sociolinguistics with Donaldo Macedo (Fall 2012)

Midterm Paper: Language Philosophy

            “I believe that my language is my voice, my way of making meaning in the world.” This is the first line of my Initial Language Philosophy statement (see Appendix 1), written in our first class in Apling 623, … 3,100 more words

Bilingual Education

The Power of Yes by Carlos Najera

Recess at Haydock School!

I could run around to the girls’ side of the school and say hello to my sisters. I could have a few minutes where I could think in my own language.  224 more words

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