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Universal ASL Education - Existing Models

By now you may be thinking, “Well that’s a great idea, but how are we going to have teachers using both ASL and English to teach?” Thankfully we have existing education models: bilingual-bicultural classrooms. 188 more words


The beginning

Guten Tag !
I am beginning this journey as an au pair to a family in Berlin, Germany. Today is the first day I will start my blog of my travels and of my journey overseas. 204 more words

Au Pair

Disathairne an 19mh den Ghiblein | Saturday 19th April 2014

Tha mi a’ cur air dòigh sgeadal an-diugh, a’ tòiseachadh le na gnìomhan bunaiteach an-luib na pròiseact agus an uairsin na rudan a dh’fheumas a bhith dèante nan cois no fìus ro-làimhe. 518 more words


Being Weird

What is one unique thing about you that you would like to share with the world?

Well, many people know my passion for animals and a lot of people know that I am from Germany but many people may not know that I am bilingual.

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Learning English differently

Young dual language learners with language impairments always amaze me. I love to observe how they negotiate communicative needs, ideas, and understanding of the world with the mind tools they possess. 395 more words

Child Bilingualism

Benefits Of Being Bilingual

Benefits Of Being BilingualCognitive Benefits
A bilingual person develops a creative thinking and an ability to think more flexibly. Such people usually have two or more words for each idea and object. 283 more words

Bilingual Toastmasters