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Should language be Introduced so Young?

A key part of our proposition is that bilingualism should be introduced early on in a child’s education, as early as elementary school so that the effects will have the longest possible time to benefit the child and so that the language is effectively learned. 382 more words


The Many Benefits of One-On-One English Language Instruction

English Classes By Skype is centered on private one-on-one English lessons. One-on-one instruction is considered to be the ideal academic learning environment over a classroom setting with other students. 410 more words

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What's the difference between an English language learner (ELL) and a bilingual child with specific language impairment (SLI)?

As a general rule, bilingual children with specific language impairment (SLI) show marked deficits or delays in all of the languages that they speak, and their language comprehension and expression skills are lower than what is age-appropriate in all of their languages.   153 more words

Bilingual Children

French for the Future forum makes bilingualism fun for students

MONTREAL – There is often so much division over language in this province that it can actually be quite refreshing when there is an event that brings both the English and the French cultures together. 547 more words


Bilingualism when the home language is the minority language

Yesterday I participated in a talk arranged by Growing up bilingual in Utrecht. Growing up bilingual is a group of people who provide scientifically-grounded information about bilingualism to parents and teachers or other interested parties. 1,068 more words


The role of schools in building community links through languages

London has a proud tradition of embracing its many different cultures and languages. Within neighbourhoods, schools often fulfil the role of “community hubs”, engaging families across cultures, supporting newly-arrived families and those with English as an additional language to overcome barriers, and encourage their children to achieve and contribute their skills and talents.

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"Bilingual kids are smarter than monolingual kids"

Not exactly.

Many studies have shown that bilingual children are better than monolingual children at tasks involving misleading information (1, 2, 3).  However, this “bilingual advantage” is limited to specific situations and doesn’t extend to other situations  51 more words

Bilingual Children