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Bilingual Parenting {Italian Dreams}

We have been vacationing in Italy for a couple of weeks now. The kids are doing great. Martin’s Italian is exploding, it resurfaced pretty fast and I am sure it would get so much better if he could only stay here a little bit longer. 163 more words


Bilingualism in Ecuador

Bilingualism is highly valued in Ecuador. There is no doubt about that. That being said, I have been trying to understand how Spanish and English work here.   298 more words

Language:Culture Expression & Identity

Dyslexia and Second language acquisition

This paper will focus on how dyslexia is related with bilingualism and what are the underlying mechanisms which might hinder the acquisition of a second language.

Second language acquisition


Languages of the Future

Trying to determine which language will be dominant in the global economy of the future is like trying to predict which athlete will win gold in the Olympics. 640 more words

English Classes By Skype

Is There a Better Age To Learn a Language?

A child grows up in a bilingual household. When the toddler is thirsty and asks for a drink, Mom hands her a cup and says, “Do you want milk?” while Dad might ask, “Quieres leche?” In this environment, the child will most likely be fluent in both languages because she was introduced to them at a formative age. 699 more words

English Classes By Skype

Let's talk about Dutch Mother Tongue support (Hup! Hup! Holland!)

So as the rest of the country sits wide awake, glued to the Netherlands-Argentina game, I too am considering the position of Dutch in the world, but the language, not the football team. 503 more words