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Why don't you just talk?

Imagine you see someone whom you know to be deaf (let’s not even bring the cultural perspective in here yet) on a phone call.

You might even hear his voice as he has his cell phone to his ears. 307 more words


Push for Ottawa to become bilingual 'misguided' says language group

A French language rights group’s call to make Ottawa officially bilingual is a part of a misguided plan to extend Quebec’s sovereignty into eastern Ontario, according to Canadians for Language Fairness spokesperson Beth Trudeau. 260 more words


Learning a New Language: Not Even Once

I liked learning Spanish.  A lot.

Not because it was easy (it wasn’t).  Maybe because it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  I’m not a “natural” language learner–if such a thing exists.   362 more words

Chapter 1: The Quest For Pura Vida

¿Cómo se dice...?

Whilst in Spain I got chatting to two locals we met out there a few years ago. Sara is twenty three now and Aida is eighteen. 267 more words

Back To School: FRANCAIS

So it seems everyone is in ‘Back To School’ mode, with the shops full of uniforms, stationery, lunchboxes and more for those of us who need to get organised for the return to the school routine. 483 more words

Reevely: Official bilingualism for Ottawa is off the table

The idea of declaring Ottawa an officially bilingual city in a provincial law has no support among the politicians who’d need to back it to make it happen. 735 more words

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Eight reasons Ottawa should be officially bilingual

The Mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson, is having trouble thinking like a Canadian. Instead of recognizing that he is the mayor of the Capital of Canada, his thinking remains stuck in his little municipal backyard — even when there are numerous reasons why Ottawa must be declared officially bilingual. 704 more words

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