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Daily Prompt: I walk the line.... Bill and Ted had it right! Whoda thunk it?


I’m starting off with a little history, stick with me tho, because I think you’ll agree that it’s worth it to do so. (At least I hope you do.)  I was raised in a very religious and spiritual family, went to a Baptist church since I was four or five. 498 more words

Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle-K

Now I’m not one to keep up on politics and things that go on in the world; I’m much too busy focusing on my four small children. 399 more words

Bill and Ted's Excellent Synopsis

I have some confessions to make.

First of all, I am an unashamed fan of Keanu Reeves.  Sure, you make look at me with sneers and condescension, but I won’t take it back. 430 more words


I like my guns and, no, you can't have them!

Generally speaking, I’m a pretty laid back, go-with-the-flow kinda guy.

I’m also relatively understanding of people’s points of view that differ from my own. My years spent in the world of journalism have taught me that there are always two sides to every story and each person believes their side is the correct side. 1,100 more words


THE BIG LEBOWSKI, Joel and Ethan Coen, 1998

Abide With Me: The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski is a 1998 film written and directed by the Coen brothers. The film follows the Dude, played by Jeff Bridges, a laid-back, easygoing slacker whose aims in life are to avoid any trouble or exertion and to get compensated for the damage done to his carpet. 1,097 more words

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Laurel and Nessie's Excellent Adventure

This past week I time traveled. But instead of an old fashioned red telephone booth, I traveled by bus. Instead of the valiant Ted by my side, I was accompanied by my roommate Vanessa (we’re pretending I’m Bill because I´m shorter). 427 more words