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On several shows, Fox talk show host Bill O’Reilly has opined, in words to that effect, “We’re amiss as to why President Obama will not say the words that we are fighting ‘Radical Islam Terrorists.’ We just can’t figure it out.” O’Reilly had just discussed a piece he did with Margret MacCallum interviewing State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf, who would not touch the words “Radical Islam.” O’Reilly and Fox have now made a huge mystery out of Obama and a non-war on “Radical Islam.” The State Department is basically saying, “It doesn’t matter. 2,671 more words

Democrats embrace the rhetoric of "compassion," but look past the rhetoric to the results

 Hillary Restructure the Family Through Daycare .Your child belongs to us.

With Hillary we’ll most likely see the ‘final solution’ of social control, which is for the state to monopolise child raising. 4,931 more words

Obama Ideology

UN Backs Chicago Ordinance Championed by Bill Ayers' Wife that will Require Schools to Teach on Reparations

By Danette Clark

For the second time in eight years, the United Nations is condemning the U.S. Government and the City of Chicago for failing to provide redress to several criminal suspects who claim they were tortured by former Police Commander Jon Burge and officers under his command between 1972 and 1991. 834 more words


Bartender Blues

The big headline on the Drudge Report was “Plot to Poison Boehner,” and we couldn’t wait to find out whodunnit. Speaker of the House John Boehner is loathed by the lunatic left for his partisan obstruction of President Barack Obama’s agenda, and reviled by the radical right for his capitulations to that very same agenda, so suspects abound. 497 more words


Colleges Call for Cop Killings

Do radical professors encourage violence? That’s the question some conservative commentators are asking in the wake of the vicious assassinations of two New York City police officers. 731 more words

In The News

Cop Killers Finding Support on the Left

This is from Joe For America.

This leftist crowd would have supported the Nazi’s and the Jap’s in World War II.

So I am not shocked they are supporting cop killers. 863 more words

Obama: Normalize Relations With Cuba

William Ayers, government building bombing radical, standing on the United States flag, who also is a friend of, and fundraiser for, Barack Hussein Obama.

Screen shot: YouTube.com… 538 more words

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