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The Four Horsemen vs. Barack Obama

ISIS. Ebola. Stock Market. Global Economics. Iran. Israel. Turkey. Russia. China…oh those wily Chinese. I mean, what am I missing? I’m leaving out plenty. A lesbian mayor going after the Texas pulpits in Houston. 396 more words


Thoughts - Rules for Radicals

The playbook for liberal progressives is widely known as “Rules for Radicals” written by Saul Alinsky in 1971.(1) Hillary Clinton wrote her college thesis… 1,380 more words


High Schoolers to Participate in ‘New’ Students for a Democratic Society Convention this Weekend

EAGnews.org exclusive:

The “new” Students for a Democratic Society will hold its 9th Annual National Conference this weekend at the University of Minnesota.

Conference topics include “no war”, “education for all”, and “end repression.” 625 more words


In view of recent events, let us again review the Obama / Ayers / Dohrn relationship.

Let us also throw in Mike KLONSKY, (C.P.USA) and ponder on the result! — WHY is our Education system in such a mess?

Well………. This excellent American Spectator article of 2011, fills in some of the holes! 5,134 more words


Obama Has Put America In Danger From Terrorist Attack

If you recall Congress cut the military budget to pre-World War II levels. I wrote about this at the time that this did not make any sense whatsoever. 584 more words

Megyn Kelly shoots back at domestic terrorist Bill Ayers for calling her a cyborg with cold eyes

In a new interview with Salon, former Barack Obama confidant Bill Ayers talked about his June interview with Fox News’s Megyn Kelly. Ayers told Salon that Kelly was “like a cyborg constructed in the basement of Fox News. 126 more words

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