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The Old English Collection (1996).

A few weeks ago, George Fachner of “Tinashobby” on Ebay began running the complete 1996 Peterson Old English Collection in unsmoked, individually-boxed condition. Once in awhile one of these twelve shapes will appear in estate condition on Ebay, but to see all twelve of them simultaneously and in unsmoked condition was a marvelous opportunity for Peterson collectors. 678 more words

Vintage Shapes

Bill Brandt (1904-1983)

Nude, Campden Hill, London, 1949



I’m setting out to write about the body: its subtlety, grotesquery and power. About aesthetics: texture and style, the play of the light. About how these things bring me, and possibly even us, closer to finding an identity–or perhaps to relinquishing the very notion of “identity” all together. 122 more words


Bill Brandt's England // Anglia Billa Brandta

Lord Macdonald’s Forest, Isle of Skye, 1947

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Sometimes I think that deep in my heart I’m Portuguese. Those folks claim the invention of the famous feeling of… 584 more words