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“Black bears rarely attack. But here’s the thing. Sometimes they do..." - Bill Bryson

“Black bears rarely attack. But here’s the thing. Sometimes they do. All bears are agile, cunning and immensely strong, and they are always hungry. If they want to kill you and eat you, they can, and pretty much whenever they want. 109 more words


Revisited Myth #28: Women had ribs surgically removed to make their waists smaller.

The idea that women had two or more ribs surgically removed to make their midsections more compressible has been a corset myth for many years. I first came across it in 2006 at a DAR exhibit titled “Myth or Truth” that tried to debunk many often heard history myths. 357 more words


Stacking the Shelves (#6)

I got one physical book at the Goodwill and then two books from the library.  That’s it, short and sweet, so this is what I got: 27 more words


"At Home" - Can the History of the World Really Be Explained Through the Home?

Book Review : At Home, A Short History of Private Life
By Bill Bryson

Spoiler Alert!

“Houses aren’t refuges from history. They are where history ends up.” 363 more words

Grown Up Books Reviewed

Of video libraries, eBooks, paper books and the endangered species called bookstores

Today I read a very interesting article in the Mint newspaper by Mayank Austen Soofi – Delhi’s Belly | Dial M for Mithilesh – on bookstore attendants and how they help book-lovers in some of the best known bookstores in the Capital city. 1,047 more words


My Camera & My Chai - The Billions. Part The First

I am going to start this two-part post with a quote. I just finished reading a book called “Bill Bryson At Home” by none other than Bill Bryson. 704 more words

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