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The ‘Royal’ Clinton Baby

The U.S. media treat America’s powerful families as untitled nobility

For National Review OnlineCharles C. W. Cooke writes: Depressing as it might be for the radicals among us to admit, … 490 more words


'W' surprises us with records release

George W. Bush presided over one of the more secretive administrations of the past century.

Thus, it is a pleasant surprise to see him prepare to release many of his previously classified presidential papers so openly and quickly after his two terms as president have concluded. 256 more words

The Republicans' Technicolor Dream Socks

As an independent voter in America, I find myself constantly being courted by both major political parties. It is like I am the prettiest girl at the ball and everyone wants a spot on my dance card. 746 more words


Things one should know about Earth Day

The entire World comes together to celebrate the Earth Day on April 22. The importance of the Earth Day is more than celebrations. It is a day when all the citizen of this planet makes a silent promise to make Earth a better place. 194 more words

Strange But True

Did Hillary Clinton give a speech at the Bilderberg conference in 1997?

Newly released internal documents from the Clinton White House appear to show that Hillary Clinton gave a speech at a meeting of the secretive Bilderberg conference in 1997.   228 more words


IRS revokes group's tax exemption over anti-Clinton statements

The Internal Revenue Service has revoked the tax-exempt status of a conservative-aligned charity for engaging in political activity as far back as the 2004 presidential election — including statements opposing Hillary Clinton for president. 489 more words

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