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The Road to 2016: Hillary Clinton

The Road to 2016: Hillary Clinton

Quick Facts:

Wife of former President Bill Clinton, who was impeached but not removed from office

Senator from New York… 411 more words


Bill Clinton talks about when he lived on just $1 (!!!) a day

Bill Clinton didn’t always have it so good.

Like the time he was in college and was reduced to living on just $1 a day. 182 more words


Happy Hump Day from Bill Clinton

This song rules. Nothing like a little saxophone to get you through to the end of the week. Have the GIF open while you listen for maximum LOL’s.

Get it, Billy Boy. <3


Against morality equaling leadership

Yesterday morning, amidst the quaking about the blizzard, I was thinking about Presidents Bush and Clinton. I think the former is probably a more moral man, personally. 207 more words

Best Defense

The Clintons' Dead Friends

Dang! There were 46 killed for Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton owns the deaths of Chris Stevens and the Navy Seals murdered in Benghazi, Libya. I wish I could say they’re neck and neck with the 2 Bush Presidents – but, with those who died on 9/11, at the Pentagon, Flight 93 and 2 Iraqi Wars they passed the Clintons. 94 more words

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