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New Tell All Book Paints Bill Cosby as a Hard-Partying Cheater

A controversial new book, “Cosby: His Life and Times” by Mark Whitaker, claims that Bill Cosby had a sordid life when not playing the devoted family man on the small screen. 316 more words


If America’s #1 Dad Couldn’t Save His Son with a Whupping, None of Our Kids Are Safe

Choosing not to hit my son is one decision I’ve never regretted.

With domestic violence so prominently in the news recently, in predictable sequence have come outrage and backlash. 2,036 more words


In this week's New Yorker

I haven’t even gotten to this week’s issue, but I just finished last week’s, which is remarkably loaded with good substance, notwithstanding its enigmatic untitled Saul Steinberg cover. 150 more words

In This Week's New Yorker

Blackness, 'Black-ish' and 'The Cosby Show': How Cliff Huxtable Changed American Culture

Thirty years ago this September, NBC aired the pilot for a new situation comedy on eight o’clock on Thursday night. At the time, there wasn’t a single sitcom in the Nielsen top twenty, and many in the TV industry had declared the format “dead.” In an upfront presentation for advertisers, network president Brandon Tartikoff predicted tepidly that the show would finish second in the time slot to “Magnum P.I.” on CBS; in an advance review critic David Bianculli pleaded with NBC not to “dump it” prematurely. 993 more words

No wonder the world doesn't see Jesus in us

I got this as an email forward this afternoon.  I sincerely hope Mr. Cosby didn’t say this, but if he did, what good does it do anyone to pass this on?   691 more words

Comedian Fights!

I dunnoh…
think Cosby was right on this one
I mighta sucker punched
Tommy Smothers too
He was always the annoying

Everybody’s smearing
The Cos! 173 more words